Gadget Buyers Beware of Black Friday “Clearance Sales”
We've been watching the Black Friday ads roll out one after another all month. As a consumer advocate, Retrevo feels compelled to point out the fact that while there are a few killer deals for consumer electronics products there are a lot more not-so-great deals. A couple of hot deals that will require shoppers to camp out all night and then sprint down the aisles are the Tom-Tom XL340S, a very capable GPS that once sold for $250, on sale at Target for $97 this Black Friday and the Acer Aspire One netbook for $150 at OfficeMax.
Too Many Mediocre Deals
Unfortunately, as far as we can see there are a lot more mediocre deals than killer deals. Retrevo’s analysis shows that a large number of deals are for obscure products with little review information available and many products, according to Retrevo’s “life-cycle” analysis are entering their golden years. Not only are many Black Friday products showing their age, the deals aren’t even that great with the average discount of around 20% off Retrevo’s “fair price.”
Big Lists, No Analysis
The problem is it's difficult to separate the killer deals from the duds. Most of the Black Friday sites like blackfriday.info, theblackfriday, and tgiblackfriday pride themselves on offering exhaustive lists of deals but what's missing on these sites is any kind of analysis to inform consumers which deals are worth the trouble.
Deals May Not Be as They Appear
Black Friday bloggers and forums have been buzzing about a $78 Blu-ray player from Magnavox. Admittedly a $78 Blu-ray player in the world of $150 – $250 Blu-ray player sounds like an exceptionally good deal but word on the street says this is an old Profile 1.1 player that doesn't support the latest 2.0 (BD-Live) standard. We say rather than risk bodily harm on Black Friday to buy one of these, why not spend a few dollars more and get a more up-to-date model?
More Duds than Deals
We could point to many more deals like the Garmin nuvi 205 for $89 which was a good product in its day and the HP OfficeJet J4680 All-In-One-Printer on sale at Staples for $64.98 that gets a “caution” on Retrevo and 2.4 out of 5 on Amazon, and many more just like these. We wonder why wouldn't you want to add what you'd spend for a dinner for two and get a newer, better GPS or printer and not end up being penny wise and pound foolish.
Retrevo's Real-Time Review to the Rescue
There are few sites we have to give credit to like i4u and bfads that have some deal analysis on a handful of products but why not get the full treatment from Retrevo.com that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and other state-or-the-art computer science technology to provide “real-time” analysis of consumer electronics products including Black Friday deals. You can quickly check out a deal that looks interesting and see if it’s a true deal or just a dud. Try it yourself at Retrevo’s Black Friday Real-Time Resource Center.
Learn how to easily spot deals at the Retrevo Black Friday Resource Center. We have a quick assessment of Black Friday products and deals. You’ll find a list of Black Friday deals that’s updated daily along with links to “real-time” reviews.
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Jennifer Jacobson
Director of Public Relations

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Westinghouse 31.5" LCD HDTV - BAD

Black Friday - why not stand outside Target from 2am until 5am in a line that was unsupervised until about the last hour? $246 for a 32" LCD HDTV? Heck yeah.

So...we waited, and we were feeling so happy, and lucky to have gotten one of the last five.

Got it home - opened the box, found instructions, read instructions, and set it up. All set to plug in and watch the news in hd.....plugged it in and HUGE sparks shout out the back/bottom of the tv. They were like the sparks from a welder or a cutting torch....the metal that is red hot. Spattered on our carpet, tv stand and blackened the wall. So much for Black Friday! lol.

Beware when you plug this unit in for the first time - have a fire extinguisher ready.

Returned to Target - suspiciously questioned by a cop before bringing it to the customer service line. "so whats wrong with it?" "fire shot out the back when we plugged it in"...skeptical look on cops face and he waves us to the customer service desk. Rude customer service rep. never asks what Target could do to make us successful customers.

Over all....bad store experience, bad product...bad night. Oh well....there is always next year...just think I'll steer clear of target.