Apple iPad Announcement Was a Huge Twitter Fest
Retrevo Quantifies Buzz With New Buzzmeter

This Retrevo Pulse special report quantifies the activity on Twitter surrounding the Apple tablet announcement. The Retrevo Buzzmeter indicated peak activity levels as high as 7,000 Tweets per minute (TPM). Typical celebrity topics such as ‘Britney Spears’ get about 10-20 Tweets per minute on a sustained basis.
Updated: Jan 28, 2010 12:30 PM (Original Article)
iPad Launch Buzz rivaled the State of the Union
Yesterday was a big day for news. Lots of people asked us how the Buzz on the Apple Tablet compared with the State of the Union Address. The Buzzmeter is geared towards Technology Product Launches, but for this one time, our engineers tuned it to measure the chatter on the State of the Union.

Apple's iPad announcement achieved high levels on the Retrevo Buzzmeter (the peak was 7,000 TPM) and we were concerned that it might surpass Buzzmeter levels for the State of the Union Address. We were relieved to see that the Buzzmeter readings for Steve Jobs and the iPad came close but didn’t exceed President Obama's moment in the spotlight. The State of the Union peaked at 9,000 TPM and also had a longer sustained chatter after the event completed.

Retrevo’s Buzzmeter Measured the Event
With all the attention being paid to this morning’s iPad announcement, Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping and review site and publisher of the Retrevo Pulse Report, wanted to quantify the “buzz” surrounding the event. Retrevo applied its data gathering and analysis engine to create their new Buzzmeter. This is the first demonstration of the Retrevo Buzzmeter, which quantifies activity surrounding new product announcements.

This Buzzmeter graph represents Twitter keyword activity for terms including ‘apple tablet’, ‘ipad’ and more

Just prior to the event we see a somewhat elevated activity compared to the much lower “baseline” of the night before the event. As the event gets underway at 10:00 AM and Steve Jobs takes the stage, we see a low level buzz that builds toward the formal announcement at 10:10. Activity drops off momentarily followed by the highest level of the event measuring 7,000 TPM which coincides with the hardware description at 10:30 AM. We then see several smaller bursts associated with more announcements until activity peaks again as the event was winding down.
Retrevo’s Pulse Predicted Correct iPad Price
Over 4 months ago, Retrevo asked consumers how much they would consider paying for a “rumored” Apple tablet. The results from that study indicated that if Apple wanted to get non-Mac users to buy a tablet they would have to price it below $600. Retrevo confirmed this acceptable priced point in a recent study that showed an overwhelming number (70%) of consumers would not pay more than $700 for a tablet. We think Apple may have it right this time with the $499 entry price, and capping at $829 for more memory and 3G
What is the Tech Buzzmeter?
Retrevo's Tech Buzzmeter is an automated tool that tracks and quantifies "buzz" surrounding technology related launches, topics, and events as they happen online.
How does the Tech Buzzmeter get it's information?
Retrevo applied its data gathering and analysis engine to Twitter, (and soon to other online venues), to gather and report on real-time trends in consumer electronics, as they happen. The Tech Buzzmeter runs on the same data gathering engine that Retrevo created for its consumer electronics shopping and review site. This is the first demonstration of the Retrevo Tech Buzzmeter, which quantifies activity surrounding new technology product announcements.
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