Seven Things We Wish the Apple Tablet Would Have
It looks like the long wait for the rumored Apple tablet will be over this week. We should finally get a glimpse of something that could be insanely great or maybe not so great. We think we have a pretty good idea of what it will look like. We're pretty sure it will be a media player with a 10-inch touchsrceen LCD display that will run iPhone apps or Mac OS apps, play movies or videos, "read" books and newspapers, browse the web, and probably some new things that some clever Apple engineers have thought up. We also expect to see an iBookStore and an iSlate (or whatever the call it) apps store right out of the gate.

We think it might be more interesting to fantasize about the features that we don't think will be included but could make an Apple tablet truly insanely great. Here's our list. We'd also like to know what's on your wish list. Add a comment or drop us a line.

1. Folio Display
What if you could open the tablet like a book but could also rotate it and use it like a netbook with one panel serving as a keyboard and the other a display. How about if one panel swung all the way around so it converted to a real notepad-type device?
2. Touchless, Gesture-Based Interface
Suppose the video camera (or two) was able to interpret your gestures and even map them to a keyboard. It would be like a multitouch display, without the touch. You could wave your hand around and manipulate objects on the screen.
3. Haptic Feedback
Haptic feedback was developed to provide tactile feedback to doctors performing remote control procedures. It now appears in other devices like game controllers and smartphone screens that vibrate to add an extra dimension to the user interface. Some people might find haptic feedback helpful when typing on a soft keyboard.
4. Solar Charging
When Retrevo recently asked potential buyers of an Apple tablet what feature could help persuade them to buy one, the most popular feature was solar charging. Imagine being able to leave the tablet in the sun and let it charge. Solar charging could also come in handy where electricity wasn't available like on a hike or at the beach.
5. ATSC Mobile TV tuner
If the tablet is going to me a true multimedia player, it would be nice if it had a TV tuner built in so you could watch you favorite shows in bed or on the bus. ATSC Mobile tuners are already starting to appear in cell phones and other mobile devices, why not in a tablet?
6. Next Generation Wireless Connectivity
WiFi and 3G are nice to have and available in most populated areas but the next generation high speed wireless connectivity is already here. WiMax, LTE, and 4G networks are starting to be deployed around the United States and elsewhere. Let's get high speed data transfers moving on this tablet sooner then later.
7. Built-In Pico Projector
Imagine you are lying in bed with your new Apple tablet and a movie or TV show is being projected from it onto the wall or the ceiling. How about using it to make a presentation at a meeting? With a built-in pico projector you’d be able to do all that and more.
Now It's Your Turn
That's what we think could make the Apple tablet even more interesting. What features would you like see them include or maybe nothing they could do could get you interested in buying a tablet? Let us know what you think.
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Landscape Keyboard Dock

I just saw the video about iPad on the apple.com. I think one of the accessories is terrific for heavy duty typing works. That is the keyboard dock. However, iPad seems to have only one slot for keyboard dock and it only could be portrait. I think apple could design the other slot for landscape keyboard dock because it is more friendly to the laptop user's experience. Or maybe there will be hardware manufacturer could solve this problem easily by designing the landscape keyboard docks. Which one is the easier way or the better way?

Apple tablet

Dounds good.tablet should be referred to as capsule.Add I phone to it.


To bad they didn't put cell phone circuitry in the iSlate with a bluetooth interface. Then I can get rid of my iPhone and just carry the sleek Islate and still have a phone.


Apple's new offering

I have been reading for a while now from all those who would like to see this and that feature in the new Tablet. What good does that do unless we all write to Apple and the brains behind the new Tablet our wish list of a near perfect new Apple Tablet offering.


Thanks for the post! I broke down and replaced my old laptop with a new MacBook Pro just before the Tablet rumor broke. I have spent a good bit of time in a dark place of sadness since, because a good chunk of my student loan had gone to the Pro, I could never be the coolest Apple geek on campus with the shiniest piece of Tablet-y tech. However, I feel ever so slightly redeemed after reading your article. Perhaps I would be best waiting until the aforementioned awesome features are included before splurging on an Apple Tablet... especially the folio design and the advanced WiFi.

Maybe it goes without saying, but being able to hand-write notes with a stylus and convert to text is the most practical and useful thing a tablet could do, especially if it could convert hand-drawn diagrams to presentable images. I dream of a day where I am unshackled from the Draw Toolbar in Word...

Thanks again!

Don't you proofread your

Don't you proofread your articles?

I try, but I guess not hard enough

Where is the mistake?

"If the tablet is going to

"If the tablet is going to me a true multimedia player,..." it's "be" not "me"...but I didn't really care as the rest of the info is cool. Although maybe the Pico projector should project the other direction somehow and not into the "keyboard" user's face. Oh yes, it should not weigh more than 1.5 pounds with 7 hour battery charge at full color & res, 4 big apps open, and w/ all Bluetooth and other connections streaming video. One more thing: $500.

where's the mistake?

(or whatever the call it) should ready (or whatever they call it)
it's easy to say this isn't a big deal ... and it's not
but I have to say even before I got to the comments, the copy error tripped me up and I questioned your attention to detail.

just sayin

Good article anyway!

"should read" Where is your

"should read"

Where is your attention to detail?

LG 9900

I have tried to download a manual for the LG9900, but am unable to accomplish the task. I need to know on the Retrevo site, where they are saved?????????? Can anyone help??????

I was able to download the

I was able to download the LG enV (LG VX9900). Here was the link:


1. I clicked on "Get Manual"
2. On the next page, I typed in the 5-digit number and clicked on "Download Now".
3. A pop up window appears and asks if I want to "Open with" Adobe or "Save File". I selected "Save File".
4. From there, I chose the location of where I wanted the file saved (which I selected my Desktop).

Everything seems fine to me. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF file (manual).


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