Ten Reasons to Love the iPad

Despite all the complaints about the new Apple iPad and how it's missing features and lacking innovation, there's still a lot to like about this cool new device. Here's our list of how we learned to stop worrying and love the iPad.
1. It’s a network appliance
The iPad is much more than a supersized iPod Touch, it’s a network appliance that you can use anywhere; in the house or on the road. As we like to say "the best OS, is no OS," and the iPhone/iPad OS really stays out of users way and makes it fun and easy to use.
2. It’s a device you can love
Although we like to say “never love anything that can’t love you back,” the iPad is going to be something people are going to snuggle up with and get very intimate with. We suspect iPad owners will get very close to their units.
3. It runs iPhone apps
What could be better than a big screen version of all those cool iPhone apps like Facebook and Yelp.
4. It’s a great game machine
The iPod Touch and iPhone have become the new handheld game platform of choice. With inexpensive games and the unit acting as the controller we imagine that there will be more games than ever available for iPhone OS devices
5. You can read books in the dark
Even though we suspect many avid readers will still prefer the lightweight e-Readers with reflective display and page turning buttons like the Kindle and others, it might still be nice to snuggle up in bed with your iPad to read a book or magazine.
6. You can watch movies on it
Yes, we know HD movies will have black borders on the top and bottom off the screen and you’ll probably want to use headphones or external speakers for a better experience but we suspect the iPad will shine as media player for movies, TV shows, and photographs.
7. It has a nice design
Okay, so it does look like a supersized iPod Touch and the black bezel is a little prominent but you have to admit if there is one thing Steve Jobs and his team knows how to do is create a nice looking device.
8. You can use the iTunes store with it
We wonder what’s going to happen when you start trying to keep all your devices in synch with iTunes, and we have to say iTunes has its share of annoying qualities but it’s still a great way to access music, podcasts, videos, and now books, magazines, and all kinds of other new content.
9. It’s very fast and responsive
Everyone who has seen a demo or tried an iPad always remarks how responsive it is. The new 1GHz A4 processor probably has a lot to do with it. It’s nice to see the snap return. We were beginning to wonder if the Nexus and its Snapdragon processor was going to continue to run circles around Apple devices. All we need now is a speedier iPhone.
10. It has a ten hour battery life
We’re always suspicious of battery life “claims,” and we’ve never seen a device that has lived up to the marketing hype but we’ll let Apple be innocent until proven guilty of exaggerating battery life claims.
11. Since our list goes to eleven we have to give Retrevo a plug
One of the sites we're sure you'll love as much as the iPad is Retrevo.com where you'll find reviews and manuals for all popular gear and gadgets including HDTV, laptops and more.
On the Other Hand….
There are many things we're not impressed with about the iPad. To get the reverse spin on the iPad check out our companion article on "Reasons to Hate the iPad."
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Love the list

Great top 10 Andrew, I find myself taking advantage of number 6 a little to much at work lol!

eye pad

Can we get an otter crate for it?