Web-Savvy Seniors Prefer
Old Fashioned Valentine’s Day
Retrevo asked visitors to their shopping and review site about how they felt about expressing Valentine’s sentiments electronically or with virtual goods, the overwhelming majority to those over 50 voted for more traditional methods.
Don’t Send Your Senior Sweetheart Virtual Flowers
Virtual flowers are all the rage online except when it comes to the over 50 set who indicated that receiving virtual flowers on Valentine’s Day would be a big turn-off. I’ll take a dozen roses of the real variety, please.
Don’t Tell That Special Senior “I Love You,” in a Text Message
Although the respondents in this study are obviously comfortable with electronic messaging, when it came to romantic messages 84% of the respondents said they prefer a handwritten letter. Remember how to use a pen and paper?
Best Valentine’s Gadget Gift for Seniors
Unfortunately the best Valentine’s Day gadget gift for seniors is no gadget gift. More than 62% of seniors in the study said that gadgets aren’t romantic, end of discussion. On the other hand, 38% would be happy with a cool gadget gift, such as the latest Kindle, iPhone, or an iPod Touch pre-loaded with their favorite tunes, Frank Sinatra wouldn't be a bad choice.
You Won’t Find Real Flowers on Retrevo
Fortunately for the gadget loving enthusiast of all ages Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. The rest of the year we can all skip the flowers and go for that new smartphone or netbook.
Happy Valentine’s Day to All Gadget Lovers, Young and Old.
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