DTV Transition One Year Later
Remember when the government ran out of funding for converter box coupons last year and had to delay the conversion to an all-digital TV broadcast system? Consumers worried they wouldn't be able to watch their favorite TV shows while the cable and satellite providers enticed analog TV owners with special deals and the promise of a trouble-free transition. June 12th is the one year anniversary of the DTV transition. How were you affected? How do you think others were affected? Data from a recent survey of over 200 visitors to the Retrevo site, offers some insight into the transition.
Score One for
the TV Industry

TV owners were affected by the transition in different ways, however it looks like the big winners were retailers, TV manufacturers and service providers. Best Buy, Amazon and other merchants probably did a brisk business in converter boxes and new TVs while Comcast and DirecTV signed up a bunch of new subscribers. Even antenna makers probably made quite a few extra sales. The average consumer, on the other hand, probably got the short end of the stick, shelling out cash for new gear and, in some cases, ending up with worse TV reception.
Converter Box for Sale: Never Been Used
With all the commotion around converter boxes and coupon shortages last year, it appears that many converter boxes were purchased and never put to use. It looks like almost one third of the boxes sold were never hooked up or never even worked right.
Was the Conversion a Good Thing?
When all is said and done and we look back at the first year of all-digital TV do consumers feel positive or negative about the whole undertaking? The good news is that more than half the respondents said it was a good thing however, almost a quarter (23%) said it wasn’t.
Older Consumers Were Probably More Affected
The data for the report came from a sample of over 200 (arguably older) TV owners who responded to a survey about the DTV transition. Most responses have a confidence interval of 7% at a 95% confidence level.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Jacobson
Director of Public Relations
press "at" retrevo "dot" com

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TV owners were affected by

TV owners were affected by the transition in different ways, however it looks like the big winners were retailers, TV http://www.onlypass4sure.com manufacturers and service providers. Best Buy, Amazon and other merchants probably did a brisk business in converter boxes and new TVs while Comcast and DirecTV signed up a bunch of new subscribers. Even antenna makers probably made quite a pass4sure 642-437 few extra sales. The average consumer, on the other hand, probably got the short end of the stick, shelling out cash for new gear and, in some cases, ending up with worse TV reception.

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Since the Digital transition, I haven't viewed any on air shows. A lot of people say that those of us who get poor signals don't have the antennas/converter boxes positioned properly or located in the most optimal area.

What the Gov didn't take into account is HOW apartment buildings are configured. Where your outlets are located has a big say on just where or how much you can jocky that short-corded antennae or even your TV. Extension cords can end up going across the center of a room...cords are only sooo long. Windows can be far and few. I live in a slight valley surrounded by trees (a park nearby, as well) some of which are a mere few feet from any given window, all of them tall and large enough to block out the entire sky--how are signals going to get through a wall of branches and leaves? You can't have a TV up against certain walls if you don't want to disturb your neighbors (for instance bedroom and livingroom party walls (separating or fire walls).

I have upstairs neighbors. They move, that affects my reception. The scanning process is ridiculous and tedious. The most channels I ever got were 5 and only PBS was in English, but the reception clarity unreliable. Sometimes I get ZERO channels. PBS only remains in for 30 minutes then freezes or snows (pixels) out. So I quickly gave up on the DT dream, because it is a nightmare. I've never been so uninformed of local and international news.

I've had to rely on Internet TV for current shows which are spottily available. Various stations haven't had the compassion to offer episodes of their shows on their websites for those of us who were left behind in the transition. But some, like Fox 5, and those who have Daytime Soaps, have graciously granted online formats like HULU to show the latest (or past) shows for a limited period of time. If it were not for certain Channels, HULU, PBS, and a number of other online formats, I'd see no TV or News at all. I miss the live news broadcasts, though. Internet stories are very scant and are not detailed like the local news broadcasts.

BTW, I use my analog TV for watching videos. I refuse to pay for cable when I'm already paying through the nose for a host of utilities and services.

Thank you for letting me post.


Took 3 months and the FCC to get our streets in a hollow next to the TV antennas on the hill to work in our town but every one is happy now! We get 12 channels now (just 5 before the switch) so good the town is now longer talking with the expensive cable guys to lay in a line. Everyone who wants goes with satellite.

Missing category.

There's one category missing. "In reserve for when cable goes out".

How many just stopped watching TV?

I just stopped watching television programs when the conversion happened. I couldn't think of one compelling reason to have it. It works fine for DVDs, and if there's an emergency, I have DSL internet, the neighbors WiFi cable internet, the internet on my phone and the radio.

I know a lot of people who did this. Where's that number in the survey?

Mixed review

While there are more stations, most provide worse service. Gusts of wind are enough to knock out ABC, NBC and other local stations here in Houston. Rain totally kills NBC. Of the "new" stations, most are close to being 100% advertisement. The "original" stations now advertise much more, too.

Also, check out how the pixelation goes on your stations. See an old movie with a car chase. Isn't Smokey and the Bandit great with those boxy cars? Rockie's punches are a riot as a stream of confetti. "B" movies with lots of run-run-run turn into expressionist art posters.

My solution? Turned the TV off except when I hear there's an emergency happening, like a hurricane. The DVD player works just fine.



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Worse than ever

At least on old analog TV, I could pick up a TV signal emanating from less than 30 miles away. Unfortunately, since the conversion, I haven't been able to pick up a single signal. You would think that you'd be able to pick up something in Southwest Georgia, but good luck unless you have cable or satellite. :|


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My experience is exactly the opposite. I live 22 miles south west of Providence RI and about 65 miles south west of Boston. With a 30 year old rusty rooftop antenna, I get all the stations from both regions crystal clear.

When I hooked up the digital converter almost two years ago and waited while it scanned for channels, I figured it would come up with maybe 7 or 8 - the 5 major networks plus PBS out of Providence and maybe two of the more powerful stations out of Boston. Imagine my surprise when the scan finished with 24 channels. I cancelled cable the next day and haven't looked back since.

I get all the stations from both broadcast regions, plus the digital sub channels that some are using. It's up to 28 channels now. Sure, some are duplicates of the major networks from each area, bit they don't show network programming all day. And the weather DOES effect the signal on the fringe stations like 7 and 56, but for the most part, reception is oerfect all the time, and Hi Def is gorgeous on my new 1080P LCD.

Your milage may vary based on elevation and the terrain around your house, but a good antenna and rotor can be had for about 3 months worth of the typical cable bill. And as the cable and FIOS companies raise there prices every year or two, free is still free.

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Roof Antenna A Good Deal

I have been thinking of getting a roof antenna as well. With the raising cost of cable service and not a whole lot on the 150 - 250 stations they claim to have I a feed up. We are paying more and more for advertisement and infomercials, actual stations are a thing of the pass. By the way, I bought two boxes installed them and can only get a couple of
local stations clearly.

I find that buying anything electronic is a toss up now a day. My Olevia 542i picture went on Father's Day for no apparent reason. It just turn 4 years old so my extended
warranty is out of the question. On top of that I find out the company that manufacture
this product filled Chapter 11 and it cost an arm and a leg to get service/repair. I want to
work on it myself, but don't know where to go for answers.

Gone are the days of good customer service and excellent products.