Two of the Best New iPhone 4 Games
Real Racing ($4.99) and Flight Control ($.99)
They say iOS 4’s anti-aliasing algorithms even make this racing game from Firemint look better on the iPhone 3GS but it’s really optimized for the iPhone 4’s high resolution Retina display, gyroscope and fast new processor. Firemint’s Flight Control also has a new iOS 4 version that also looks great on the Retina display.

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The Best Summer Grilling is

The Best Summer Grilling is gadgetastic.

Overlooked game

Elimination: Gun Range should absolutely be mentioned in this article. It is part of the Elimination series by NGMOCO that revolves around a Halo-esque first person shooter (FPS) arena. Gun Range is the training sessions that puts you in control of 12 different weapons with 12 challenges per weapon. Each challenge has a 3-tiered scoring system with point values commensurate with each tier. The successive challenge is only available by meeting the minimum requirements for the bottom tier. More points equate to more credits to unlock future weapons.

This game is designed for iOS 4 and specifically iPhone 4 with enhanced graphics to take full advantage of the Retina Display resolution. Additionally, it is the only one in the Elimination series that has incorporated use of the gyroscope.

It is an excellent example of the upgraded hardware statistics in the newest iteration of the iPhone.

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