What’s Causing the iPhone 4 Antenna Problem?
Theories are flying.
Steve Jobs is denying.
Are there any solutions worth trying?

Seriously, the leading theory on the cause of poor signal strength when holding the iPhone 4 in the so called “Death Grip” is poor antenna design. One company that performed a tear down of the phone found the frame was being used as an antenna (possibly to provide more space inside for a larger battery) along with a gap between the cellular and GPS antennas. As you know, your body can act as an electrical conductor making it possible to “short out” the two antennas with your fingers. AppleCare’s advice to unhappy iPhone owners is hold your phone differently or get a rubberized or other non-conductive case. Apple is also preparing a software update that promises to make the signal strength meter more accurate but we don’t think this will solve the problem. Just in case (haha) you want to go with option two here’s an inexpensive solution you can try.

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