Five Gadgets that you Never
Buy but Can Always Use
If you’re like most people you always intend to have things like extra ink on hand and many people do but there are many gadgets and gadget accessories that you probably don’t have stashed away. Here’s a list of a few gadgets we always wish we had along on a trip, or stored away at work or home. If there is anything we missed please feel free to add your suggestions.

Power Pack for Your Phones
They don’t cost that much or take up that much space but they could sure save you from a dead phone battery situation. Most of these will cost you around $20 or $30 and provide hours of battery use. Some are built into a case while others offer solar or wind charging.

Ink Cartridges
You can usually get a much better price online than you can at your local pharmacy so instead of waiting until the ink runs out at 9:00 at night, why not plan ahead and order a set of cartridges to have on hand when the low ink indicator flashes on your screen?
Memory Card for Camera
In case you never got around to upgrading the low capacity memory card that came with your camera you might do well to buy an inexpensive card to take along on your next outing. Nothing is worse than being forced to sacrifice an old photo so you can take new photos or videos.
Extra Phone Charger
They don’t cost much money, but when you forget to plug your phone in at night and end up at work with a dead phone battery, you’ll wish you had an extra charger in your desk drawer.
Power Strip with USB
You can get these from lots of vendors but Monster makes a nice one that sells for around $20. You can use it at home, in the hotel or make it easy to convince someone at the airport to share an outlet with you.
On the Other Hand…
How About Gadgets That You Buy and Never Use?

We also put together a complementary list of gadgets that you probably have safely stashed around the house or in the car that you rarely use. Here's the list.
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ONE Gadget that you Never Buy but Can Always Use

I would like to add something I have bought twice (one was stolen which might show how useful it is).

And the gadget is...

The 12 to 110/220 volt inverter for car. Pick one of these with a integrated travel adapter and you can connect anything, on the road. No need for additional 12V chargers for phones, notebook, GPS, DVD players, games, you name it.

Robert from Sweden

Five Gadgets that you Never Buy but can always use

Andrew, why is it that most people don't ever buy a power pack for their phones? That seems like a no-brainer.

useful gadgets

I made the switch to rechargeable batteries about the time I had kids and their battery-hungry gadgets arrived on the scene. My only regrets are that the rechargeable batteries don't last anywhere near as long as the manufacturers claim they do, and sometimes the batteries leak in the manufacturers' chargers!

After many years of refilling my printer cartridges, I switched to a system that has ink reservoirs and a gang of tubes that deliver the ink to (their) modified cartridges.

A friend has switched to buying printers on sale, and throwing them away as soon as the ink runs out! It's wasteful, but cheaper than ink cartridges!

Great Product!

Great Product!