Seven Ways the Kindle Beats the iPad
An e-reader price war is underway. Amazon just fired a volley with the recent announcement of two new and improved Kindles, a WiFi-only version for $139 and a 3G model for $189. You can also buy the corresponding Barnes and Noble Nooks for $10 more than the new Kindles. Amazon claims both new Kindles offer improved contrast and month-long battery life. Incidentally, both devices are currently sold out on Amazon in advance or the August 27th release date. The big question is does anyone still need or want an e-reader now that the iPad is available? The answer to that according to our own gadget experts and supporting data from a recent Retrevo Pulse study is definitely, yes. Here are some reasons we think e-readers particularly the new Kindles beat an iPad as an e-reader.

1. They're Lighter and Smaller
Jeff Bezos has always said Amazon's first priority was to create the best experience for reading a book. Amazon thinks the reader should be free to become part of the author’s world and forget they are holding a book. We don't think that could ever happen with an iPad, it's too heavy, too big and too bright to get out of the readers way and let someone lose themselves in the story.

2. They're Easier on the Eyes
An e-reader display is reflective, just like paper, meaning the more light that shines on the surface, the better it looks. An iPad display is transmissive meaning the backlit display shines out of the screen into your eyes just like a TV set or computer display. We admit that e-Reader displays may not look as "black and white" as an iPad but Amazon claims the new Kindles offer improved contrast.
3. They're Possible to Read in Bright Daylight
Try taking an iPad to the beach (not that you'd want to risk getting sand in a $500 device) and see how the display gets washed out or filled with glare in the bright sun. An e-reader display, on the other hand, doesn't have a problem with glare and looks even better in bright light.
4. Less Traumatic if
Lost or Stolen

We don’t think you’d want to leave an iPad under a towel on the beach or by the pool at the hotel partly because it could be a very tempting item for a would-be thief and if it did disappear it could be a major financial loss and potentially big personal security breach. Think about the passwords, Facebook access, contacts, etc that could be compromised. Sure you could pay $99 a year for Mobile Me and wipe out your data on a lost or stolen iPad but wouldn't it provide more peace of mind knowing that you'd only be out a $139 if you left your Kindle on the subway seat? You could restore all your books fast and easy and there wouldn’t be any personal identity information exposed.

5. Month Long Battery life

One month between charges vs. ten hours – 'nough said. Yes, the iPad offers a respectable battery life but for many trips you could probably leave the Kindle’s charger at home.

6. Free 3G Connectivity

Yes, we know you don't pay any monthly fee if you use WiFi on your iPad but you can download books and surf the web on a 3G connected e-reader supposedly for as long as you own it - for free. You can even buy books overseas using the many GSM-based carriers.
7. They're Much Less Expensive to Purchase
You can afford to buy 3 WiFi Kindles for the price of the entry-level iPad and still have plenty of money left over to buy a bunch of books. And as we say, it's a much less valuable gadget to leave lying around.
Supporting Data from
the Report

When Retrevo asked over 1,000 consumers if they were planning on buying an e-reader this year we got different responses; a lot of them said "no," some of them said they were going to buy an iPad instead and quite a few (20%) said "yes." When we matched the responses to the types of people reading books, we were not surprised to discover that avid readers are much more likely to buy an e-Reader than casual readers.
If You Are Not a Big Reader…Here's the Bottom Line
Buying a Kindle or a Nook over an iPad looks like the way to go for anyone who is serious about reading books. They offer a much better experience for reading but if you only read a few books a year and want the ultimate media player and personal entertainment device an iPad would probably be the better choice, that is, if you can justify the expense.
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I love my iPad

I just wanted to add that I love my iPad. Granite you mention that the surface is reflective but I don't need an external light source where ereaders do.

Also, you didn't mention that Kindle, Nook and KoBo books also offer free apps so you can still purchase books from Amazon or B&B.

Plus, there is no color on the ereaders. I don't just read ebook but digital magazines and I want to see them in color.

I do agree though if you only want a basic reader and nothing else then don't pay for options and features you will never use. But the iPad has so many apps that I use mine all day at work from google analytical data of our web site, find where we rank on SERPS and managing projects.

Like a car I think you should test drive the iPad at a Mac store or a Best Buy and look at the apps offered to see if there are uses you may not have thought of before you limit yourself to an ereader.

I love my iPad

I just wanted to add that I love my iPad. Granite you mention that the surface is reflective but I don't need an external light source where ereaders do.

Also, you didn't mention that Kindle, Nook and KoBo books also offer free apps so you can still purchase books from Amazon or B&B.

Plus, there is no color on the ereaders. I don't just read ebook but digital magazines and I want to see them in color.

I do agree though if you only want a basic reader and nothing else then don't pay for options and features you will never use. But the iPad has so many apps that I use mine all day at work from google analytical data of our web site, find where we rank on SERPS and managing projects.

Like a car I think you should test drive the iPad at a Mac store or a Best Buy and look at the apps offered to see if there are uses you may not have thought of before you limit yourself to an ereader.

Kindle vs Nook can't compare to Sony eBook

I started with a Rocket eBook and I loved it. I lost it on a trip and was heart-broken. I bought the first Sony eBook and was back in heaven. I have upgraded to the new Sony ebook that can read the ePub documents. I prefer to have all my ebooks on my computer because I know where they are and I can also read them on my computer.

The Sony eBook is light and easy to use and great to read.

There are several versions of the Sony eBook for everyones price range. I wouldn't be without one.

One way the Nook beats the Kindle:

The Nook has an SD card slot/reader.

Kindle v iPad

I have both a Kindle and an Ipaq (not IPad) and I much prefer the Ipaq (with Microsoft Reader) for reading (though the dispay is somewhat smaller). The Ipaq fits in my shirt or jacket pocket, is held in the palm of my hand, and is scrolled by my thumb (use is single handed). My hands are otherwise free and I need not carry anything when I am not using it. It is nicely formatted and very clear and is ideal for reading on the subway while holding onto a grab bar with the other hand. Though it is backlit I keep it on low and it lasts for days (especially with the installed oversize battery). My hand cradles it and does not get tired holding it as it does with a Kindle. Though the Ipaq is only Wifi I install books directly onto the SD card for reading. I will certainly not use an iPad with the extra expense and weight. Too bad PDAs are now antedeluvian. As a result they are heavily discounted and are very cheap at a fraction of the cost of the iPad and even the Kindle. They are also complete computers with Word and Power Point (albeit cramped to use).

kindle vs ipad

I own both, so I think I can make an objective comparison. First of all cost. $360 kindle, $499 Ipad. As you can do so many more things on an ipad, the extra $149 is indeed worth it. Batter life:I seldom read more than 10 hours a day. Most people will not exceed that. Outdoor reading:Most people probably average about 2 weeks a year vacation. So indeed for 2 weeks the kindle has the edge if you are reading outside during that time. I'll go with the other 50 weeks that the I pad has the advantage. Clarity of reading: No contest. The Ipad is sharper and easier to read. Free stuff: You have to pay for usa today, ny times, BBC and other newspapers with the kindle, they are free with the Ipad.
I hope this helps someone considering both. My kindle is gathering dust, I use the ipad all day.


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I don't agree with your report on the Kindle versus iPad

My kindle died after less than 2 years of light use. I can do a heck of a lot more on my iPad than the Kindle. And I REALLY didn't like the user interface of the Kindle.

I disagree. It's too specialized.

1: They're Lighter and Smaller -- Too light and too small for comfortable reading. The screen is smaller than a typical paperback book page for an item whose overall size is bigger than a hardback. The bottom edge is wasted with that permanent keypad that honestly will only rarely be used. When I'm reading, I don't want to hold something that feels like it will crack in two right in my hands, and I want some real contrast between the text and the background. This leads right to...

2: They're Easier on the Eyes - No, they aren't. With the text a measurable distance above the background, it gives every character a drop-shadow that actually makes it harder to read, not easier. Add to this that in anything but bright light you have to use an external light source, and really the thing is almost useless for everyday reading. Most people read at night, either while watching TV or in bed. I don't like having the reflection of a lamp on my TV screen and I certainly don't like a bright light when I'm in bed. The only place the Kindle has an advantage is in full sunlight, and even then you've got to fight those text shadows.

3: They're Possible to Read in Bright Daylight - This really falls under my response for #2. However, this is, as I said, the only advantage it has when it comes to reading.

4: Less Traumatic if Lost or Stolen - I wouldn't bet on that. At a price of around $200, the thing is far too expensive to be considered a 'throwaway' item. It doesn't even include any form of lost or stolen recovery application. At least the iPad can tell you where it is if you can't find it. As such, it can lead the police directly to the thief. The Kindle simply cannot do that.

5: Month Long Battery life - This, along with #3 above, are really the only two advantages the Kindle has. But then, that means you waste a lot more energy providing an external light source to read by, whether you use a bedside lamp or one of those little clip-on lights that would put a direct reflection on the glass of the screen.

6: Free 3G Connectivity - Really? Well, I'll grant you're not paying it directly, but the cost is built into the cost of the books, which at least for now you can only order from Amazon; books that average $1-$5 more than the same title ordered elsewhere and $3-$8 more than the readily-available paperback edition of the same title.

7: They're Much Less Expensive to Purchase - Much less expensive for much less device. In all actuality, it's grossly overpriced for what little it does. The basic Kindle should be priced well under $100 as it's only a single-purpose device. The current price is little, if any, better than a typical netbook which can do far, far more for the money. The Kindle DX is almost no cheaper than the very base iPad and still has a smaller screen and no other features to make it worth the price. It may be cheaper, but it's nowhere near cheap enough.

I am an avid reader. I'm reading as many as four different books at any given time and usually finish at least two each month, not counting all the reading I do online. The Kindle's few advantages are intriguing, but insufficient to meet my reading needs, even discounting the other purposes an iPad or Android tablet could offer for only a little bit more.

Kindle vs IPad

Where have you been? Nook is far superior than the Kindle.
Nook nor Kindle is in the same catagory as the IPad. Your article is very misleading. It's like comparing chickens and pigs. They both live on the farm, but you can only get bacon from a pig. Silly



iPad vs. Kindle

..."but if you only read a few books a year ... an iPad would probably be the better choice"...

If I only read a few books a year, I can get the Kindle reader app for my Android based phone for free. Not good for an avid reader but for an occasional reader it may work. So, why bother with the iPad at all?

Kindle vs Ipad

My specond comment, you haven't posted the first.
How can you compare an e-book reader with a computer?
That's Ridculious. As an alternative to a laptop or a notebook, the IPad is a great choice. It does the same job, it's small and light enough carry in a purse and it's got all of those fun apps to play around with, and it's a functioning ebook reader. Where as e-book
readers are e-book readers. There are several e-book readers out there now. The nook is much better looking and more efficient than the Kindle. I'm thinking that's what you should have done a comparison on. Price of books on nook and Kindle are about the same. Average price is $9. Hundreds are free. Sample Downloads are immediate on all books. Samples run from 1 to 30 pages. Buy the complete book in a matter of seconds. Absence of backlighting mimics real book visual. E-book vs Computer. Silly

Buy complete book with a click of a button.


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iPad vs. Kindle

So let me get this straight. The iPad is too heavy. Have you ever held one? They both weigh practically nothing. The iPad cost more. Well, yeah. And it does about a million more things. The only thing you really said is: If you are stupid, and leave your stuff lying around, buy cheaper stuff. Rediculous. Why compare apples to oranges, anyway? And, speaking of comparisons, in my opinion the Kindle is nothing like a book. Get real.


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iPad vs. Buggy Whips

The the only thing the Kindle and Nook are good for is reading in bright daylight. When the iPad showed up, the Kindle and Nook became 21st century buggy whips. Just let it go, dude - and get rid of your records and cassettes, it's called the future. Look into it ; )

BTW. There is a rumored 7" iPad on the way this Christmas.