This Week in Gadgets: Intel and USB 3, Unusual Headset, and More
Intel and USB 3;
Better Late Than Never

As USB 2 drags along at a mere 480 Mbps and USB 3 or as they prefer to call it Superspeed USB, is prepared to deliver as much as 5Gbps, we have to ask, what are we waiting for? Well Intel, for one. As conspiracy theorist would have you believe, Intel has been intentionally slowing the adoption of USB 3.0 as they try and move their competing Light Peak technology forward. At their recent developers conference (IDF), Intel indicated they will finally support USB 3.0 in Intel chipsets starting in 2012. C’mon AMD, here’s your chance.
4G LTE on Track
While San Francisco and other major metropolitan areas wait for 4G to roll out, AT&T’ operations chief said they are currently conducting trials of 4G LTE in Baltimore and Dallas (why does Baltimore get all the cool technology first?). AT&T says they are on track to start rolling out LTE in mid-2011. Meanwhile Verizon has said they could have LTE in place before mid-year. The timing of LTE in Verizon could have a huge affect on the iPhone providing Apple as rumored will wait for LTE to offer am iPhone on the Verizon network.
Playing it By Ear
What do you get when you combine a camcorder and a Bluetooth headset? It’s a thing called the Looxie, we imagine it’s supposed to be pronounced “looksee.” You should be able to but this device soon for $199. It records everything it sees and you can capture the last 30 seconds of which with a press of a button. You can then upload your video “tweet” to Twitvid. It also functions as a Bluetooth headset.
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