More Cool Stuff From CTIA
After walking the floor and going to the Mobile Focus press-only event, we came up with a list of more interesting news and gadgets from CTIA
Sprint ID
Sprint announced a new feature that will be available on their Android phones called Sprint ID. Sprint customers will be able to download "ID packs" that include wallpapers, apps, widgets, etc. that can reflect a theme or topic. You can have a pack for anything from ESPN to your local knitting club. You’ll be able to download packs from, we suppose the Sprint ID Store, and up to five can be loaded at a time. I collared our friend Mitch Weinstock from Kinoma (soon to be available on Android) to describe Sprint ID.

How many times have you been trying to find something at your local Home Depot and there wasn’t a salesperson in site? Here's a free in-store, aisle-by-aisle navigation tool for mobile devices.

This wins the prizes for the most unusual gadget we saw at CTIA. You’ll never leave home without your cell phone again.

Not only did this company have the coolest press kit on a USB credit card but their products were very impressive. They add some active circuitry including amplifiers right in the HDMI cables and are able to manufacture a thinner, longer HDMI cable as a result. A lightweight thin cable could be much easier to use and carry whether it’s to connect your smartphone to your HDTV or a Blu-ray player to your HDTV. Apparently other cable manufacturers including Monster think it’s a good idea and use RedMere’s technology in their cables.


Speaking of adding circuitry to everyday gadgets. SaFPWR has added some circuitry to their powerpack/case that they claim can add all kinds of benefits from protecting your iPhone from charging transients to extending battery life and even battery lifetimes.
In Home Cell Repeater
Wilson, not to be confused with Tom Hank’s basketball ('er volleyball) is a company that makes a device that can substantially increase the number of bars on your cell phone in you home, office, or car. They sell you a small outdoor and indoor antenna along an amplifier that boosts your signal. They even have a booster for the iPhone.
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In home cell repeater

wilson was a volleyball - not a basketball

I stand corrected

Ah you're right! Will fix.