Gadgets of the Decade - The Good,
The Rad, and the Aesthetically Challenged
Allow me to preface this by saying yes - we realize that the decade technically ended in 2009. But it’s the end of the year and we’re taking creative license to do a round-up of the best and worst of the gadget world over the past 10ish years.

Here are some of the game-changers that we were proud to witness, and some of the cringe-worthy ones that we were happy to never see again.

The Aesthetically Challenged:
Back in the dark ages of 2006, we were still using iPods, but on November 14, Microsoft introduced the Zune, and we were saved…
Toshiba Bubble Helmet

Nothing inspired by Spaceballs can ever be anything but ridiculous in real life.

Well, except for jam… yes, jam is still okay.

Safe Type Keyboard
Would be put to far better use as the controls to an X-Wing.
Apple's Clamshell iBook

The fact that Apple’s marketing people felt that it looked best upside-down really says it all.

Nintendo Game Cube

If the aesthetics didn’t work for Apple a year earlier I don’t know why Nintendo thought it would work for them.

Motorola AURA

Industry design taken from Star Trek, and it looks uncomfortable to boot.

XACT XQ2500 Landline Phone

Be careful, lest you mistake you landline for your pregnancy test.

Telson TWC 1150

This is a watch, camera and mobile phone all in one. Not only is it bulky and unattractive, the logistics of using it are baffling.

The Good and the Rad:

In 2001, despite initially mixed reviews, Apple forever revolutionized music with the introduction of the iPod. It cost $399, was not Windows compatible, and held 1,000 songs on its 5GB hard drive.


Television hasn’t been the same since 1999, when at long last live TV could be recorded, paused and, in the case of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”, rewatched over and over again.

USB Flash Drive

Late in 2000 IBM began selling the first commercially available USB flash drive in America, the DiskOnKey. It held up to 32MB of memory and wrote 10x faster than a diskette.

PalmOne Treo

The Treo was one of the most successful gadgets of 2003, thanks to its successful merger of phone, PDA and camera in a lightweight, streamlined package.


Really, what can I say about the iPhone that hasn’t already been said. Love it or distrust it, no one can deny its massive social and technological impact. Introduced in 2007, it came with 4GB ($499) or 8GB ($599) of storage, 2 megapixel camera, and a revolutionary user interface.


The Netbook uprising started with the Eee PC in 2007 and can be argued to have heralded the age of the tablet. It is however, still debated whether the iPad (another amazing gadget of the decade) and tablets like it will eradicate the netbook before its uprising can turn into a coup d’etat. It cost $399, had a solid-state 4GB hard drive and ran Linux.

PlayStation 2

In 2000 Sony introduced the PlayStation 2 and brought the gaming experience to a whole new level. It was the first to be backward compatible and the first to use CD’s instead of cartridges to store games. It set the standard for all the consoles that would come after, and it remains the best selling console of all time.

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Where does the Wii fit in?

Here, here... The new

Here, here...
The new control system for the wii started a change in the human interaction with their game system, and while we are at it what about the new X-box control system... that looks interesting and the only logical step after Wii upped the game.


Technically 0 to 9 is right. Problem is, neither Julian nor Pope Gregory knew about it and did not include Year 0 in their calendars. Since year 1AD was the first of the new era, the first century had to end a 100 years later, on 31 December 100AD. The second sentury started on 1 January 101AD, the third millenium - on 1 January 2001AD. This last decade started therefore in 2001 and ends tonight. Enjoy.

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iPod and iPhone

I got my first iPod in 2005 and it changed my life for the better.
I got my first iPhone in 2008 and I currently have the 3GS. It kinda pisses me off.

The Decade

The decade did not end in 2009. It ends Dec 31, 2010.

Yes, I was one of those people that 10 years ago grumbled at everyone assuming the millenium ended Dec 31, 1999. It did not. It ended Dec 31, 2000.

I look forward to a new round of exasperated looks from everyone, my wife especially.


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The decade @ Chuck Fries

There are different views at the beginning and end of a decade, but for us technology oriented people, geeks if you want to call us that, the decimal system is used here. It runs from "zero to nine" and not from "one to ten", since ten is already a double digit number. Therefore a decade consists form January 01,00 to December 31, 09 exactly ten years. If you add 2010 to it, then you have eleven years for this decade and shorten the next decade to nine years.
Hope this makes sense to you...;)

A life, get one

A life, get one

Playstation 2

"Playstation 2 First to use CD's..." I must disagree. The Playstation ONE use Compact Disks... Release 1998

And before that the Sega Genesis also used CDs - Release 1994...

Unless I am missing something in you category listing.

Just the facts ma'am.

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ps2 NOT first to CD

SegaCD was the first to bring CDs to the game console, and adapter to the Sega Genesis, which lead to Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast. THEN Playstation ONE, How does playstation 2 get the First to use CD title ? does the author not do their research?.. sigh.

Genesis = Wrong?

I had a sega genesis console and it used cartridge games. I'm pretty sure you are thinking of either the Sega Dreamcast or the Sega Saturn. I still have my Genesis to this day but I haven't plugged it in and played it in years...


As for backwards compatible,

As for backwards compatible, I thought the Sega Genesis played Master System games as well ... gee they really blew that one. :)

The TurboGrafx-16 was the

The TurboGrafx-16 was the first video game console to have a CD-ROM peripheral [7] (following the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM² add-on in Japan, although the FM Towns Marty was the first Japanese console to have a built-in CD-ROM). The TurboGrafx-CD debuted at a prohibitive $399.99 (and did not include a pack-in game).

Yeah, well before the PS2

Yeah, well before the PS2 the PS aka PSX aka PSOne used CD. Sega had also released the SegaCD add-on to the Genesis. And Atari had the JagCD add-on to the Jaguar. There are probably others... oh, 3DO just popped into my head. Tubro-Graphix16 had a CD for it too. All of these were in the early 90s - SegaCD hit in 1992.

And I'm with the earlier commentor - there is no Year 0 in our calendar, so decades start with 1 and end with 10. The year 2000 was the last year of the '90s' and the last year of the 20th century, like it or not.

Also, the Sega Saturn.

Also, the Sega Saturn.

Really Awesome

Really awesome, these all are great gadgets, especially I liked the Telson TWC 1150.