Five Reasons Not to Buy a Verizon iPhone
The long awaited announcement came out of New York today; an Apple iPhone will be available from Verizon in February. This is great news for frustrated Verizon customers longing for an iPhone or frustrated AT&T customers looking for a service that doesn’t drop calls on a frequent basis. However when you start to think about it, you have to wonder whether or not buying a Verizon iPhone 4 today (or next month) makes sense. Here are some reasons why you might want to hold off on a Verizon iPhone or maybe consider an Android smartphone instead.
1.The Verizon 3G iPhone
Will Soon Be Obsolete

Verizon has already started rolling out its 4G LTE network in 38 cities and 60 airports around the country. Early reports indicate it is blazingly fast. There’s a good likelihood that Apple will announce a 4G phone this June at their “annual” iPhone event. Why would you want to lock yourself into a 2 year contract on a 3G phone when a 4G version could be available 5 months later?
2.Verizon 3G Network
Has Drawbacks

There are two reasons we can think of to get a GSM 3G phone like AT&T’s over a 3G CDMA phone like Verizon’s. One is the prevailing wisdom that 3G GSM offers better performance and two is the ability to use GSM networks outside the U.S.
3. No Surfing and Talking at the Same Time
The new Verizon iPhone will most likely not be able to use the data and voice channels simultaneously like the AT&T iPhone at least for now. This is a limitation of the current CDMA network. This means you won’t be able to look up a restaurant on Yelp while talking to someone on the phone. In fairness we’ve read reports that Verizon might have a work around in place sometime soon which would allow users to run both at the same time.
4. 4G Android Phones Offer an Attractive Alternative
At CES, Verizon and other carriers introduced a slew of 4G phones slated for availability by the middle of the year. For example the HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution and Droid Bionic have large high resolution screens, run one of the 130,000 Android apps, and even support Flash. Meanwhile, Sprint is selling highly rated 4G phones like the EVO 4G that you can use on their extensive 4G network right now.
5.Verizon 3G Network
Could Suffer From the
“iPhone Effect”

Although this is pure conjecture and we hear the Verizon spokesperson reassured the audience at today’s announcement that their network was ready and robust, we can’t help wondering if a surge of iPhone users in major metropolitan areas like New York and San Francisco might not create the same sub-optimal service that AT&T iPhone owners experience.
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Still won't change my mind about the Verizon iPhone

As far as the 4G LTE it is only in its first stages who knows what problems will arise in the months to come. As others have stated, it might be months, even years before they get these new 4G phones out to the public. Until then I'm happy with the regular 3G network I have. I am a loyal Verizon customer, I have been with them for years now and I have had absolutely no problems with them. They are awesome in person, online, and over the phone. As far as being obsolete, that'll never happen. It's an iPhone people are happy no matter what "generation" they have.

The 3G network that Verizon has works perfectly fine, I can go hiking through the mountains in Arizona and still have a full signal, unlike other companies- you know who you are. I have never had a dropped call, but yet my brother in law who has AT&T and an iPhone 4 still gets dropped calls in his house, and he lives next to a cell tower!!! I don't care what people are saying "oh it depends on where you are, what kind of building you're in"... NO! I can be in an elevator going to the 45th floor and I still get service.. my point is AT&T's service is horrendous.

Now onto the multitasking ability, I can place calls while going online, or checking my email, even going on FaceBook. So whoever said this was impossible, I'm sorry my friend but you were solely wrong.

As for the competition the iPhone has, yes there are some pretty tough competitors but I have a Droid and personally it's not all it's cracked up to be. Maybe I am just a die hard Apple person, but I will give the competitors a chance, besides I am definitely NOT switching to AT&T just for a phone I know eventually had to come to Verizon.

Now for my last point, and then I promise you I will stop, Verizon in no way shape or form is going to suffer the "iPhone Effect"... ooo it sounds so scary!! Verizon has millions of users, they have been trying to gain control over every other company, what makes you think that they're not ready? They have been ready for years. And now with the launch of the iPhone to their company, personally they have the upper hand above any other company now. Now the problems you will face are that Verizon is taking away the "New Every Two Program" as well as the "Preferred Employers Discount". So no more upgrades and no more saving 15% off your monthly bill... such a shame if you ask me.

I'm just saying...



5. 4G is not really important to me. And who knows how long it will take for it to reach the Pocono Mountains.

4. My current iPhone is an iPhone 3. I would definitely appreciate the many improved features of the iPhone 4 (even without 4G)

3. I won't be using my iPhone internationally, and I don't surf and talk at the same time. So CDMA is not an issue for me.

2. Android is an attractive alternative to some, yes, but I currently use and enjoy the connectivity and synchronization my iPhone has to my Apple computers – Calendar, Contacts, iTunes, etc., and I don't want to lose that connection.

1. No matter how the new wave of iPhones will affect the Verizon network, there is no way the service could end up being worse than AT&T service has been for the last couple of years. And I don't believe their promises of new better service.


1.The Verizon 3G iPhone Will Soon Be Obsolete
Obsolete? Hardly. My current phone is a few years old, it functions perfectly. That doesn't make it obsolete. I reject this notion that an item becomes obsolete the moment a newer product is released. This absurd notion is pushed by the so-called "Tech Media" and product makers to entice you to buy the "new" new!

As for LTE; by the time most people's 2-year contract runs out on their Verizon iPhone, Verizon will have most of their LTE network going. Until then, only a few select cities will see it. LTE won't affect most consumers for at least a year, perhaps two.

2.Verizon 3G Network Has Drawbacks
Every network has drawbacks. That's not a valid reason in itself. You claim better performance, but then you don't define what that is. As for being able to use GSM outside the U.S. I agree that will be an advantage for some, but not most people.

3. No Surfing and Talking at the Same Time
Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but when I'm talking with someone, I believe they deserve my attention, not half of it while I'm surfing the web on my phone. Yes, I understand there are people who want this. (they also want to text and drive too!) I can't say I've ever had the need or desire to do this, so this isn't a negative in my book.

4. 4G Android Phones Offer an Attractive Alternative
Here I'll agree with you. Competition is a good thing. However, your use of the word "alternative" would suggest it's not as good as the original (iPhone). Even I, a longtime CDMA network user and admitted Apple "fan-boy" has taken a good look at the Android phones. I'm a big fan and user of Google products, however, from what I've seen and heard, the quality (and user experience) can vary greatly with the price-point of Android hardware.

5.Verizon 3G Network Could Suffer From the “iPhone Effect”
AT&T suffered from the iPhone onslaught because they weren't ready. Verizon has had close to 4 years to observe this, so I'd be really surprised if they get caught off-guard like AT&T did.
And, as you've already pointed out, since CDMA can't handle voice and data at the same time, there's even less burden on their network.

I suspect many "new" Verizon iPhone users will be current Verizon users just holding out for the iPhone, so no real hit to the network there. (I'm among those holding out). As for those jumping ship from AT&T, it's good for both companies, as the burden will diminish on AT&T and Verizon will gain some new customers.

But really, do you need 5 reasons not to buy a Verizon iPhone when one will do?
iPhone 6. Coming Soon!!

Seriously, if you're always waiting for the latest greatest gadget, you'll never buy anything, because it ALWAYS gets better, faster, cheaper.

Personally, I don't see the point to having the latest greatest features or the fastest network when I'm in the middle of nowhere and can't get a signal.

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I dont understand everyone

I dont understand everyone saying that you cant be on a call while browsing the web on Verizon, first thing about that is why would you need to? thats kind of a stupid reason not to buy something, but more importantly, I have had a Droid and Droid x and have successfully looked something up on the web while on a call, granted I only did it 3 or 4 times within a year span, but it worked perfectly fine for me and I am located in Grand Jct, CO....which btw is NOT a metropolitan area by any means.

voice and data

As far as I know, you can be on a call and still access the Internet via Wi-Fi. If you're not on Wi-Fi you can't do voice and data simultaneously using the current CDMA network.

I have some

I have some counter-arguments

1. Good point. But if and when Apple launches a 4G iPhone, what is the chance they won't release it for Verizon AND AT&T? If Verizon gets a 4G iPhone, Hosanna! right? There will always be something better in the long run, it's up the consumer to realize that.

2. CNET tested the 3G speeds on the AT&T iPhone and Verizon iPhone. Verizon loaded quicker. Of course you can use GSM outside of the US. You should be speaking for Sprint, Cricket, Verizon and every CDMA carrier out there.

3. Depends on the user. When I talk on the phone, I talk on the phone. I don't look up something on Encyclopedia Britannica.

4. Again, good-ish point. Flash is a good feature. However, the app store has over 300,000 apps, while the Android Marketplace has only 130,000. Sprint has the Evo 4G, yes. But we're not talking about Sprint, we're talking about Verizon.

5. If the Evo went to Verizon, there's a risk of the same thing happening too.


Verizon iphone

Dear Andrew,

I appreciate your post about switching to Verizon, but have to comment on AT&T. I was a former Nextell user for almost 10 years until Sprint took over--what a fiasco that was, and I've been with AT&T going on 5 years. If you're experiencing many dropped calls, AT&T has OUTSTANDING service, equal to nothing I've ever experienced, and they can help with that. I have fewer dropped calls after working with the tech department. All of the Wireless support reps are best of the best. They have gone above and beyond to keep me as a customer. I might pay more, but the support is worth it to me. Thought you should hear my thoughts.


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Your comparing AT&Ts service

Your comparing AT&Ts service to Sprint, not Verizons. I have had all three - tried each out, and went back to Verizon - you can't beat being able to get service almost everywhere. I live in the mountains and when my phone rings people always turn around and say "You must have Verizon."

thanks for your comment

Yes, AT&T tries harder and it will be interesting to see if Verizon experiences similar problems. I've heard some ask if the problem all along might have had something to do with the iPhone itself.

Verizon I Phone

I have been an ATT customer for years. Yes, I'm sure I could find a better deal somewhere else, but why would I? They have been in the phone business longer than all the other carriers out there. I used to have alot of dropped calls, a few years ago, but I do not anymore. There are alot of factors that go with that too, depending on where you are - what kind of building you are in, or whats nearby and how old your phone is. And I agree with the above person who stated that there will always be newer electronics out there. Every few months, thats just the way it is. I will add one thing though, with all the problems iphone had with the last batch that came out, I wouldnt have a new one right now if you paid me. The older ones work alot better.

At&t vs verizon

I have had 3 dropped calls in 4 years with att. But it was always a problem with a antenna from Edge wireless that was the problem, i have to agree that att has the best of the best when it comes to techies. They have always gone beyond there scope to keep me happy. I think their prices are a bit too high and i think they know that. They are always looking to have diferent levels of data plans to meet anyone's budget. I am happy with att where I live. i do wish i could get an I 4 phone for less money from them though. Verizon customers where i live in Northen Ca. always complain about their service and they are rude in the stores, but then again so are the att people in the stores, I have found the best customer servoce is always online or on the phone from their site.