More CES 2011 Product Videos
We left the coverage of the keynotes and major product announcements for others to report while we concentrated on finding interesting products and spotting trends. Here are some we didn't mention in our other CES roundup.
Wireless Audio Is
Gaining Ground

We saw quite a few wireless audio "adaptors" that plugged into iPods and iPhones and boasted wireless audio quality rivaling wired audio. Skaa showed a list of partners who plan on bringing out wireless products using their technology.

More Apple Products than
At Macworld Expo

The iLounge pavilion could be the show that ate Macworld Expo, it was many times larger this year than last. There were iPhone cases in all colors and materials and lots of other interesting iPhone "accessories" like this ball that you control with your iPhone.

Bing in Your Toyota
Apple has iTune and Toyota now has Entune which is their new in-car interactive, news and entertainment controller. You'll be able to listen to Pandora or make a restaurant reservation on OpenTable using the 3G network on your phone.

Shazam For Videos
Ever wonder what show you're watching on TV or want to learn more about the actors on the show? Okay maybe not, but with VideoSurf all you have to do is capture a snippet of the show, upload it for analysis and before you know it you'll have more information than you ever wanted to know about the TV show. We have to admit, it's pretty impressive technology.

New Ways to Control Your TV
Philips showed a remote control that was a gesture-based remote on one side and a QWERTY keyboard on the other. It's an interesting idea which may find its way to mainstream TVs.

Glasses Turn on Magnifier With Push of a Button
They call them the "first dynamic electronic spectacle lens," and they are basically bifocals that turn on and off with a button on the side of the frames. If you want them, you'll have to ask your optometrist to build them into your next pair of glasses.

Where Are All the Robots?
Every year at CES I keep expecting to see a wave of consumer-focused robots and every year all we get is some robots barely capable of doing some household chores. Oh well, there's always next year.

Calling All Motorcycle Enthusiasts
Although I know many avid motorcycle riders who say the last thing they want to do is talk to someone on the phone while riding but as a rider myself, I find the idea of listening to music or answering a call something I'd like to try especially if it really works. This product from UClear has some innovative features like microphones built into the speakers so you don't need a boom mic.

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