The Best of Mobile World Congress 2011
Although we opted to remain in California last week it doesn’t mean we weren’t in Barcelona in spirit. We’ll be honest though, we were a little disappointed in the news that came out of Mobile World Congress. Our impression from thousands of miles away was that Android was everywhere and the Microsoft Nokia alliance cast a pall over the show. Otherwise, there were some interesting gadgets announced and here’s what caught our attention from the show reports.
Mobile Processor
Wars Heating Up

Nvidia has been gaining ground in the smartphone and tablet market supplying dual-core Tegra 2s to one superphone after another. Texas Instruments who has been gaining ground with its OMAP platform (RIM’s Playbook runs on OMAP) emerged at the event with their new quad-core mobile processor platform, OMAP 5, based on ARM’s Cortex-A15s. Nvidia is touting their quad-core processor called the Tegra 3 they say it will be in devices by August. We wonder where Intel is in the mobile processor war.
HTC Flying High and Samsung Galaxy Grows By Inches
HTC, the company that brought us some great smartphones like the HTC EVO 4G is slowly migrating to larger screen sizes and announced a 7-inch tablet at MWC. At the show it was running a phone version of Gingerbread with an HTC Sense UI which sounds like they aren’t quite sure if this is a big smartphone or a small tablet. Meanwhile Samsung added 3 inches to their original 7-inch tablet with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It runs a dual-core Tegra 2 and Android 3.0.
LG’s 3D Tablet
If the HTC Flyer is the small entry and the Samsung’s Galaxy, the large one, then the new 8.9-inch LG Optimas Pad represents the medium entry. Who knows maybe its size is “just right.” The Optimas includes dual 5MP cameras on the backside that are capable of taking 3D photos.
Two Notable Smartphones
Samsung had another galactic introduction with their Galaxy S II smartphone that has a big 4.27-inch Super AMOLED screen and dual-core Exynos processor (formerly known as Orion) with two Coretex-A9 cores. It runs HSPA+ which means it’s slated for AT&T or T-Mobile. Meanwhile LG added to its 3D picture taking tablet with a 3D viewing phone called the LG Optimas 3D. It has an autostereoscopic display which means you don’t need glasses but you do need to hold your head just right.
Facebook Phones
HTC showed off a couple of phones with a Facbook key and integration – sort of reminds us of the new TV remotes with Netflix buttons. The Salsa and ChaCha incorporate Facebook connectivity instead of having to use a Facebook app. We hear the Facebook key glows when you’re looking at something you can potentially share on Facebook.
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