Five Reasons Sandy Bridge is Cool
What is Sandy Bridge?
Sandy Bridge is the Intel code name for its latest version of processors. These 32nm multi-core processors represented by Core i3, i5, and i7 are much faster and much cheaper than the same 45nm Core iX processors they replace. A minor glitch with the initial batch of chips has delayed many new Sandy Bridge-powered laptops and desktops but they are just now starting to emerge and are going to be a great reason to buy your first computer or upgrade your current system. Here are five cool things about Sandy Bridge:
1. Graphics are Integrated Into CPU
Intel added a graphics core to Sandy Bridge chips, calling it "Processor Graphics." They designated a significant amount of chip real estate to the GPU we’ve read that of the nearly one billion transistors on a quad-core Sandy Bridge chip over 100 million are used in the graphics processor. Previously, many computers required a separate graphics processor adding cost and energy consumption to a laptop or desktop. Integrated graphics may leave serious graphics users like gamers wanting more power however, for many consumers, the new Sandy Bridge integrated graphics are more than adequate for surfing the web or even playing a 3D Blu-ray movie. Mobile devices might get the most return with the new graphics delivering more performance in a smaller package that consumes less power.
2. Latest Generation Turbo Boost is Very Fast
Sandy Bridge includes Intel's Turbo Boost 2.0 which may frustrate overclockers by making it more difficult to speed up the CPU but Intel’s latest clock speed boosting feature automatically "throttles up" processors until it senses the chip is getting too warm. Mobile versions of Sandy Bridge may see as much as a 1 GHz boost from single threaded apps. This could translate into as much as a 20% speed improvement in many every day applications. Intel’s new Turbo Boost and Intelligent Power Management can also be used to throttle processors down when they are not being used which translates into quieter operation and longer battery life.

[Note: We are hearing about problems with MacBook Pros and Turbo Boost possibly forcing Apple to disable Turbo Boost]

3. Major Architecture Improvements

Intel made some major micro-architectural improvements over the previous Core iX chips. First they more tightly integrated processor cores, memory controller, cache memory and media and graphics processor. They also added a new interconnect fabric or ring bus that moves data around at higher data rates than ever. A more efficient bus means faster access to data and better performance. Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips are reported to be around 20% faster than their previous generation, Nehalem chips.
  How to Spot a Sandy Bridge Computer
Intel may have taught us to look for "Intel Inside," but they didn’t make it easy to identify which computers have Sandy Bridge inside. The problem is their older chips use the same Core i3, i5, and i7 designation as the new chips.

The easiest way to identify a Sandy Bridge chip is to look at the suffix after the Core iX designation. Older chips have a three digit suffix like the Core i7-950 while newer Sandy Bridge chips use a four digit suffix like the Core i7-2600.

4. Sandy Bridge Benchmarks Beat the Competition
All the benchmark tests we’ve seen show the new Sandy Bridge beating not only older Intel multi-core chips but also AMD's Phenom chips. Some reviewers are reporting as much as a 50% performance increase in processor-intensive applications like image processing over previous generation Intel processors.
5. Much More for Much Less Makes Previous Multi-Core Processors Obsolete
Sandy Bridge sounds almost too good to be true. It's much faster than previous processors, consumes as much as 20% less power and in many cases costs around a third of the price. The most attractive Sandy Bridge devices might be the next generation of laptops that might have more power than ever making desktops even less necessary.
Retrevo Has Intel Inside
Not only Intel but AMD, Nvidia, ATI, and all other popular gadgets and gear that run on the latest chips and technologies. Don’t forget to check out Retrevo where you’ll find reviews and manuals for all the latest electronics including HDTV, cameras, laptops, and more.

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I'm running an older toshiba

I'm running an older toshiba laptop and as the years have passed it cannot tackle having as many programs running or browsers open at the same time without everything hogging the cpu. I think the newer softwares and internet websites etc. just require more power than my machine can give. Its nice they have the sandy bridge available for laptops as well straight out of the gate.

There is a typo. ----In the

There is a typo. ----In the picture with the Dell laptop, it says "Sany Bridge" instead of "Sandy Bridge."


There's an error in your statement as well. The laptop is specifically a Toshiba, NOT a Dell as you stated.

Whoops, didn't catch my own

Whoops, didn't catch my own error. Such irony. I meant to type Toshiba, not Dell.

omg who cares about the typo

omg who cares about the typo . . .