Can Your Smartphone Get a Virus?
The short answer to this questions is, yes of course it can. It may be easy to forget, but it is still a computer connected to the internet and is therefore always at risk for infection. Methods used to spread viruses include email clients and browsers but apps, especially Android apps or apps for jailbroken iPhones, are probably more common. To be safe you should exercise the same common sense as when operating your computer; so be careful opening attachments, be very careful using open wi-fi networks. It also doesn’t hurt to be wary of suspicious text messages, while you can’t get a virus through a text, there are numerous phishing schemes that will attempt to trick personal information out of you and those can begin with a text. The easiest and most popular way of getting you to download a virus is through the app stores. The type of smartphone you have however, will dictate to what degree you need to be concerned about malware.
iPhones Are Pretty Safe
iPhone users don’t have much reason to be concerned, for now. Apple exercises so much control over their products that they are known for being extremely secure. This isn’t a reason to get complacent though, there have been a few iPhone viruses; they are few and far between, and mostly target jailbroken phones.
Android Owners Are More at Risk
Android Owners Are More at Risk
If you’re an Android user then you need to be a bit more proactive. Because the Android platform is less scrupulously policed by one gatekeeper as is the case for iPhones. In recent months the number of viruses targeted at the Android OS has skyrocketed, with Google reportedly removing no less than 50 infected apps from the app store. There are a number of anti-virus applications available for Android phones that will scan the apps you download to make sure they’re clean. Some of the more popular include:
(free and premium versions)

The free version of this app features Find My Phone, backup and restore capabilities, as well as an anti-virus scanner that checks all the apps you download. The paid version adds a Privacy Advisor, which shows detailed reports on what information, and capabilities each app can access, as well as the ability to wipe it remotely or lock it.
McAfee WaveSecure
($19.90 1-year subscription)
McAfee offers GPS locating, remote lockdown and wipe. They will also track your SIM card if it’s lost or stolen. It does not scan apps for viruses but you can store and back up your information in the cloud.
Norton Mobile Security (free)
Norton is still in Beta, so it’s free for now but may become a paid subscription service eventually. It will remote locate, lock and wipe. It also will screen and block both callers and texts. It scans all the files and app updates that you download as well scanning memory cards that you plug into your phone.
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What about Symbian?

Another free/paid security solution

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Another free/paid security solution

How about Webroot Mobile Security, available in free and paid ($14.99/year) varieties?

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What about Blackberries?