10 Strange Summer Gadgets and Apps
It’s finally starting to feel like summer outside and that makes us excited for all the upcoming BBQ’s, road trips and pool parties. While looking for some cool new apps and gadgets that might come in handy, we also found some quirky and odd ones as well. Because we’re so generous, we’ve decided to share; who knows, maybe someone will find them handy (I have to admit, the S’mores one is tempting…).
BeerWhere (Android)
Every summer vacation needs beer. And family, I suppose... but definitely beer. But when you’re in an unfamiliar place, finding the good stuff (beer) is always a problem. This crowd-sourced app will let you search for and map the best brewpubs, breweries, craft beer bars and craft beer stores.
S’More to Love
The days of marshmallows on a stick are over – technology has arrived to save the S’more. For the S’more lover who is continually defeated by the lack of a nearby campfire, this nifty contraption lets you make them in an oven or on a barbeque, and while they won’t have that charred-to-a-crisp flavor, you also probably won’t burn off all your tastebuds.
Beach Towel Speakers
If only there was some way to lie out in the sun and listen to music. But not through headphones, because then all the people around you at the beach don’t get to experience the glory that is Slash’s solo in Sweet Child O’ Mine. Whether they want to or not.
Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide (iTunes)
Just when you thought going out in the sun was safe again, the EWG Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide is here tell you otherwise. With insightful advice for sunscreen usage, such as, “avoid insect repellent” you’ll find this an indispensible tool for alarming over-protective psarents.

Solar Tote
For years now the lack of power outlets at the beach has been a significant marketing problem. Many have asked, ‘How can I enjoy nature’s beauty if my phone or tablet dies?’ The solar beach tote will solve that problem. For a mere $250 you can have a bag that will carry your towel (with speakers perhaps?) and your sunscreen (without insect repellent) as well as keep your electronics juiced up.
For reasons that remain unclear, this personal cooling device is marketed towards cops. But as far as I can tell it’s just a hose that transports the cool air from your air-conditioning down your shirt. Simple, elegant – all the things that design should be.
Sonar Fish Finding Watch
I was under the impression that the term “fishing” was code for “drinking beer and dozing on a boat”, but the engineers at Hummingbird seem to think that there exists a population of people who actually want to catch fish. If you’re one of these hypothetical individuals, then here’s a watch that will tell you exactly where the fish are, so you can catch them and get back to napping sooner.
Solar Bikini
This is another item which addresses the lack of electrical outlets at the beach. Only this company proposes you plug your devices into your swimsuit. Apparently a male version is coming which will also cool a beer in a custom cozy. I really, really, can’t wait for that…
An automated lawn-mower. Now, I categorize this in the “Strange Gadgets” article because what kind of crazy person would choose this over sitting in the sun with a beer driving a tractor-mower? Probably the same people who go fishing to actually catch fish.
This isn’t strange, it’s brilliant. A button on the handle activates a quiet three-blade fan that sits under the canopy and produces a nice breeze. Probably not great for anyone who worries about their hair style but definitely useable all year round.
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Hi Sarah,
The reason this would be targeted towards law enforcement is that many routinely wear protective ballistic vests which are quite heavy and hot.

Best regards,

Jim in Virginia

Cop Cooler

This is also great in an emergency, if you spill your hot coffee in your crotch.
Also good for blowing off the donut dust after a 7-11 stop.