Some Apple Announcements at WWDC 2011 Look Awfully Familiar
Nothing announced at this year’s WWDC Is going to get anyone to camp out overnight at an Apple Store. Apple’s pre-announcement of the agenda was the tip-off that we weren’t going to see any new sensational products like a new iPhone or Apple-branded TV. What we did see was Steve Jobs (in person) trying to convince us that Apple continues to revolutionize the way we use electronics and as usual, he succeeded somewhat. Although, we do have to admit, Apple does many things right, the news from this year’s WWDC was a far cry from sensational. Here’s a rundown of how we saw some of the announcements from WWDC:
Who Needs Scrollbars?
The new Mac OS named Lion will be available in July. A multi-touch gesture controls feature looks cool even if some aspects reminded us of HP/Palm’s WebOS. An autosave feature which has been available in Windows for some time is a nice addition to the OS but doesn’t offer anything new and revolutionary. Maybe that’s why Apple has reduced the price of this OS upgrade from the usual $129 to $29.99 (just kidding).
iOS 5 Catches-Up
With Android
One of the big additions to the new iOS 5 which is due sometime this fall will be a new and improved notification system for everything from messages to events. The new notification will show up at the top of the screen which is very similar to the way Android has handled notifications from version 1.0. This version of iOS also adds better Twitter integration which is something that Android has offered through its “intents” to share feature and a single sign-on for quite some time. The list of catch-up features goes on including tabbed browsing in Safari and tether-free sync’ing which Android phones have offered for years.
iCloud Not the First to Sync Docs
The star of the WWDC keynote was definitely the iCloud which Apple hopes will help usher in the Post PC era. Apple’s new iCloud will sync docs created in Apple apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote in addition to calendar items, contacts, mail, photos and more. Apple’s iCloud looks impressive and will definitely make it easier to synchronize data between all your devices (including PCs) but before Apple takes credit for inventing the cloud we should remind you that Google Docs has been making it easy to share docs using the cloud for quite some time.
What Happens to Photos
When the Sun Comes Out?
Apple’s new cloud-based photo sharing service called Photo Stream automatically uploads photos to the cloud and then “pushes” them back down to other devices. One hitch is that your photos could disappear off the cloud after thirty days although they will still be safe and secure on your local device(s). We guess this service is meant to be more of a distribution service than a storage service. If you want to store your photos online and not have them go away after 30 days you should stick with photo storage and sharing services like Flickr, Picasa and Shutterfly.
Where Was the New iPhone?
We wonder what AT&T and Verizon thought about the absence of a new iPhone that has been introduced at the last three WWDC events. With iPhone contracts timing out from phones purchased shortly after those WWDC announcements, we wonder how many of those iPhone owners will be tempted to jump ship and buy a new 4G Android phone. We had heard rumors that the iPhone 5 might be available as early as August but now with iOS 5 coming in the fall it sounds like the iPhone 5 won’t be here until September of October.
Don’t Get Us Wrong, We Love Apple Products
There were lots of examples of how well Apple makes using electronics easy and fun from a clever soft keyboard that “splits” in two making it easier to use two thumbs, to enhancements to mail functions that make it easier to enter text and spell check messages, to making it easier to snap a quick photo without having to unlock the phone and find the app. That said, we can’t help expressing a little disappointment in not getting treated to a truly amazing new electronics product like maybe a real Apple TV.

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What about Flash and Java

when are they going to get them two Flash and Java. I can't do my business on my iPad 1 because I can't show my video from my company on it. I have to use my T-mobile phone to show them the product. It's not fair that Apple don't have these software to help us out. Don't get me wrong I love my iPad but hate that I can't use it for my business. Apple please give us something to show our own video. Thank you.


Anyone know if Jobs will let flash be part of this UPGRADE? Still cannot view all the pages that Android can with flash. Jobs, get over it!

Apple has been playiong

Apple has been playiong catch-up for two decades...rehashing every other company's innovations, pretending they are new, and having their huckster-in-chief present them to the masses. Nice to see that normally Apple-phile press is finally catching on.


Two decades ago...

Two decades ago Microsoft's OS's were Windows 3 & NT, both of which basically just tried to tack a GUI onto a glorified version of MSDOS in a lame attempt to duplicate the functionality of the Mac OS, which was built from the ground up as an OS with integrated support for the GUI.



"Apple has been playiong catch-up for two decades...rehashing every other company's innovations, pretending they are new, and having their huckster-in-chief present them to the masses. "

I'm no Apple fanboi, but this comment is absurdly false and dishonest.

"Nice to see that normally Apple-phile press is finally catching on."

That doesn't even reflect the content of this article. Frankly, you appear to be deranged.

Once you have switched from

Once you have switched from Windows to the Mac OS, you will never go back. The interface and reliability advantages of Mac overwhelm Windows. Ditto iOS over Android. Who is really playing catch up here? Seems only fair to enhance the Mac OS and iOS with good ideas -- that's what Windows has been trying to do since it (sort of) copied the Mac OS years ago when it replaced MsDOS. In any case, the market will decide what's most attractive, and it seems that decision is being made more and more every day, and it's not in favor of Windows nor Android.

Mac OS

Mac is bigger and better than Microsoft. That tells you how good they really are! The regular guy on the street is voting with his dollars. Everything else is just idle chatter!

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So alll big companies, and

So alll big companies, and their products, are better than all small companies and their products? Such claims are the not result of rational thought processes.