Retrevo Pulse Report Predicts Big Drop in 3DTV Price Premium
A recent Retrevo study found that a high price premium is one of the most common reasons consumers cite for not buying a 3DTV. That barrier may soon vanish as a recent Retrevo Labs Pulse study shows a significant downward trend in the price premium of 47 – 50-inch 3DTVs over equivalent non-3D 1080p LED-LCD and Plasma TVs from top brands including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and others. The “best-fit” modeled analysis predicts the price premium which is currently around $400 (down from $900 a year ago) could drop as low as $150 – $200 just in time for the holiday shopping season.
When is the Best Time to Buy a 3DTV?
Retrevo not only applies computing machinery and artificial intelligence (AI) to industry trend analysis but has been using its AI technology to provide evaluations and buying advice on Retrevo.com for a number of years. The fast pace of technology innovation and change makes it very difficult for the average consumer to figure out what to buy and when to buy technology products. Retrevo applies artificial intelligence to create a unique discovery, evaluation and buying experience for consumer products including recommendations on when to buy technology products including 3DTVs. For example, based on their calculations, Retrevo predicts consumers could see Black Friday prices on large-screen 3DTVs drop under $700.
What Makes a TV a “Good Buy?”
When evaluating technology products including TVs, a number of important questions need to be answered that Retrevo presents in its Real-Time Review currentlyused by millions of shoppers every month for more than 100,000 products. These questions include:

  1. Are you buying yesterday’s technology that no one else is buying or a piece of technology that is being purchased by the masses and is not going to be obsolete soon?
  2. Are you buying a product that is liked by experts and users alike on the web? Retrevo not only watches reviews but weighs different reviews according to reputations and feedback from readers of those reviews. So you get a rounded perspective on the sentiment about a product.
  3. Are you getting a good bang for the buck? There are many products to choose from that offer the same feature, functionality and that might have similar sentiment. You want to pick the product that offers the best value. If one TV offers a high refresh rate but costs much more than another set with the same refresh rate, it may not be a good bang for the buck and Retrevo will discount that in its recommendation.

Retrevo gathers and analyzes 100M product data points on a daily basis using its proprietary artificial intelligence engine. When a product meets its standard, a “good buy” rating is assigned otherwise less enthusiastic recommendations are assigned all the way down to a warning to not even add the product to your cart.

When it Does Come Down to Price…
After product discovery is done, a product has been evaluated based on its lifecycle, features, sentiment and value assessment, and it’s time to find that best time to buy a TV or another electronics product to get the most bang for the buck, Retrevo can help make that determination with its “Time to Buy” analysis. Retrevo's Time to Buy analysis helps you understand (i) the Fair Price to pay for a product based on its feature set, sentiment and comparison to similar products selling in the marketplace, (ii) whether today's price is the best price to pay based on historical prices and projected price swings and (iii) whether you should wait for prices to drop before making a purchase.
Discover, Evaluate, Buy
Retrevo.com is a leading consumer electronics shopping site that helps people discover, evaluate and buy electronics that meet their needs. Since its founding in 2006, the Silicon Valley based company has become the second largest consumer electronics review site in the world. Retrevo has pioneered the science of online product discovery using artificial intelligence (A.I.) that analyzes 100 million plus, real-time data points, from across the web so shoppers always discover the best consumer electronics for their needs, based on real-time technology trends, buzz, values and sentiments. As a thought leader in consumer electronics, Retrevo regularly conducts and publishes research about people’s behavior and relationship with gadgets and technology.
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