The New Nokia 9 Has Some Innovative Features and Other Gadget News
This week we offer a smorgasbord of news to help satisfy your thirst for gadget news during these long hot summer days.
New Nokia N9 Phone Has Impressive Features
Nokia announced their new MeeGo phone called the N9. I has a 3.9-inch AMOLED curved, gorilla glass display and a polycarbonate body that they claim offers better radio reception with problems associated with the iPhone. The UI looks very friendly and is centered around a swipe gesture. An edge-to-edge swipe is used to navigate back to the home screen, eliminating the need for a home key. The early reactions are very favorable and it looks like it will be a lot of fun to use. It will be interesting to see how soon Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 makes it into this phone.

First Android 3.2 Device is New Tablet from Huawei
It’s called the Huawei MediaPad, it’s a 7-inch tablet powered by a dual-core Qualcomm processor and supposedly when it ships in Q3 I will come with Android 3.2 which they say is better suited to “smaller” tablets. No word on pricing and where you can buy one yet.
Thinner Phones Ahead
According to reports coming out of the Far East, HTC is going to be using Chenming Mold Industrial’s Nano Molding Technology that can inject plastic parts into a metal shell making for a much thinner package. Rumor has it we could see phones using this technology in the fall. Speaking of new packaging, we wonder if we’ll see anything come out of a deal Apple made with a company named Liquid Metal that offers an alloy that is 2.5 times stronger than titanium alloy and weighs less however, word is that liquid metal technology might have an even wide application in battery technology.
4K TV for $36,000
If you can’t wait for Samsung or Sony to come out with their UHD 4K TVs, you can always go with this 36-inch Duravison FDH3601 from Eizo Nanao. You’ll have to go to Japan to get one and you’ll have to wait until September 7th but you’ll be guaranteed to have the first 4K TV on your block.
Your iPhone Can Check Your Blood Pressure
For $129 which is more than an ordinary do-it-yourself sphygmomanometer, you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to check your blood pressure with the Withings BPM.

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Manual Sphygmamometer vs Digital Sphygmamometer

I have to say something about that iPOD Blood Pressure Checker. I don't think that a digital can replace the usual sphygmamometer because it runs over battery. therefore it may not be accurate unlike the usual sphyg. if you can check a sample of the regular sphygmamoter like for example this one http://www.pulsestore.com/medical-instruments.aspx the usual sphyg doesn't operate with battery and therefor you it would greately depend on the one who check the BP.