Report from Intel Research Day 2011
Every year Intel summons their research superstars from their labs located around the world to show off the latest technology being developed by their teams. This year’s event featured a wide array of technology including ray tracing, visualization, green tech, user experience innovations and more. Here’s a sample of some cool technology we saw there.
Surface Reconstruction
Using some pretty basic hardware like a Microsoft Kinect sensor and a Core i7-based computer this technology maps surfaces it sees and “reconstructs” them on screen. In addition to the images seen here they also demonstrated an “age guessing” application that analyzes your face and guesses your age.

Wireless Energy Sensing
and Analysis

This device that resembles one of this Kil-o-Watt energy measuring devices is much more sophisticated, analyzing electrical “signatures” from devices in your home like refrigerators and air conditioners. It transmits the usage info onto a computer where it is analyzed and used to provide recommendations for how to save energy.

Mobile Ray Tracing

Last year we saw an impressive demo of the state-of-art in ray tracing as applied to a PC game. This year we treated to this amazing demo of an “enhanced” version of Wolfenstein. The detailed reflections in the chrome bumpers and rifle sight along with the light shining through the crystal chandelier were very impressive. The new topic for this year was ray tracing on mobile devices.

Intelligent Ads
Some day soon you’ll be walking through a store and a camera will grab a picture of you, analyze it and display a “personalized” ad, just for you.

Facebook Mood App
This researcher has been exploring ways to integrate people’s moods into the whole computer experience. They not only have developed a “check-in” process to evaluate user’s moods while the interact with their devices, they also have this interesting Facebook app to help you get more out of your social network experience.

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