New Sony Camera Offers Back Side Illumination
Whether you’re reading this on vacation or somewhere else, there’s still some fun gadget news to share this summer including a cool new camera and a set top box.
New Sony Cyber-Shot
Sony is credited with pioneering back side illumination and now offers BSI in this new point and shoot Cyber-shot DSC-TX55. Back side illumination provides more sensor area which can produce higher resolution images in lower light conditions. This 16.2 MP camera has a 5X optical zoom and can capture hi-res stills while shooting video. It has a big 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen and will cost you around $350.
New Apple Thunderbolt Display
The new MacBook Air laptops are out with new Sandy Bridge processors, Mac X Lion and a Thunderbolt port that can be used like a very high speed USB port or for a display hook up. For $999 you can pick up this companion 27-inch display with a Thunderbolt connection. It also has a camera and mic you can use with FaceTime, speakers and a bunch of other connectors on the display like USB 2.0 and Firewire.

Video of the Week

This robotic flying seagull got at standing ovation at a recent TED conference.

New Identity for Mobile DTV
We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re big fans of Mobile DTV, a free over-the-air digital TV signal specifically designed to get around problems receiving TV signals in a moving environment like a car. Since the pilot program was launched in Washington DC many more TV stations around the country have begun transmitting Mobile DTV. To help boost adoption which has been slow in coming Mobile DTV has been given a new name called “Dyle.”
New Roku Coming Soon
The Roku 2 will come in several versions ranging in price from $60 - $100. It comes with a Bluetooth connected motion-control gaming remote and a version of Angry Birds for the big screen.

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