iPhone 5 Rumor Round-Up
Everyone loves it when Apple announces new products - but we’re beginning to suspect that people love to speculate about the unannounced ones even more. Rumors are constantly surfacing about the new iPhone 5, every newspaper and fan website claims to have sources that have confirmed it will not be powered by electricity, but Unicorn breath.

Here are a few of the more consistent and interesting (though not necessarily likely) rumors we’ve come across as anticipation is building.

October Release
The most recent rumors are predicting an October release. This is considerably later than previously forecast, as well as considerably later than any previous iPhone release.
Teardrop Design
This is my next claims to have several sources who have confirmed a slimmer teardrop style to the iPhone 5. They created a mock-up of what that could look like:

iPhone 4S

A BMO analyst claims that Apple will not be introducing an iPhone 5 at all, but just a 4S model with feature upgrades and an unchanged design.

On the other hand, Deutsche Bank believes there will be two handset models introduced in September. One will be a fully redesigned iPhone 5 and the other a modest 4S that will be targeted towards the pre-paid market.

Curved Glass Display
According to DigiTimes Apple is working closely with class cutters and suppliers of cover glass, as well as buying 200-300 extra glass cutting machines. This could mean that the iPhone 5 may have a curved glass display similar the Nexus S.

There had also been rumors that Samsung and Apple were collaborating to introduce the AMOLED technology into the device. If there was any truth to this though, it’s probably very unlikely now given the legal battles between the two.

Global Reception
While speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit in May, the Chief Financial Officer of Verizon said that his company would be carrying the next iPhone and that it will “operate in as many countries as AT&T’s global iPhone.” This means that the new phone will be able to connect to both CDMA and GSM networks worldwide.

New Processor and Camera

Appleinsider heard reports that the iPhone 5 will be running the dual core, 1.2 to 1.5 GHz A5 processor; the same processor that the iPad 2 runs. It’s also expected that internal storage options will increase to 16/32/64 GB. All this as well as an 8MP rear camera.
Larger Screen
One of the most persistent rumors is that of the screen size. Multiple sites claim that the bezel is going to be considerably thinner, meaning that the phone itself will not change dimensions but the screen can be larger.

The opposite rumor has also been circulated. The Wall Street Journal wrote in February that, “the new device would be about half the size of the iPhone 4.”


More and more it’s looking like the iPhone 5 won’t be sporting LTE. Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said that the “first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises.” Apart from the fact that the technology isn’t quite optimal yet, the network support is still quite limited.
This is one of the more hotly contested features, with The Independent citing a source who says, “The new iPhone will not have NFC, Apple told the operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry.” But the New York Times and Forbes also have sources who claim the phone will definitely have NFC in order to compete with the Android phones that have the technology.
Aluminum Back
The antenna and the glass backing of the iPhone has been something of a problem. The glass was easily scratched and damaged, as well as adding weight; the antenna was notorious for losing signal if the phone was held in a certain grip. The latest rumors suggest Apple will be addressing both of these problems by utilizing an aluminum backing and moving the antenna underneath the Apple logo.
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