Best Timewasters and Other Holiday Apps
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It's Christmas day and the stress is over. Here are some apps that you may find useful today (keeping the kids out of your hair for half an hour or so) and in the coming week (tweaking your holiday photos in post-production).
Holiday Apps
This app makes writing Thank You notes just a tad easier. it won't compose them for you unfortunately, but it will help you keep track of what came from whom and how many more you have left to write. It even supplies you with the givers address if it's someone in your phone. You also have the option to send a thank you email from within the application.
Epicurious (iPhone, Android)
For the week after Christmas I'm betting that the last thing you'll want to do is much shopping or cooking. Epicurious can help out with that by telling you what simple things you can make with whatever leftovers you have on hand. Recipes are easy to read and include preparation info, ingredient lists, and descriptions of the finished products. You can search for dishes by main ingredient, cuisine, dietary consideration, dish type, season, occasion or keyword.
FX Photo Studio (iPhone)
Taking photos at holidays is a given. But what you do afterwards with them is not. FX Photo Studio has affects and filters, sharing options, splash tools, and text labels. The latest update gives you lots of special Christmas effects to add.

Game for Kids

Santa's Magic Phone Deluxe (iPhone, Android)
Kids can talk to Santa with this app, keeping them entertained and giving you more leverage. Choose from Naughty or Nice prerecorded messages, and personalize calls by recording your own message (the app disguises your voice). You can even schedule when to receive the call.
Where’s My Water
(iPhone, Android)
This is ostensibly a kids game that involves Swampy the Alligator wanting to water to be clean, and the player has to guide the water to him, but it's actually really fun for adults as well. It's a pretty challenging physics-based puzzler game with really impressive graphics, multi-touch controls, and a soundtrack that manages to not be irritating. To be successful, you need to be clever and keep an eye out for algae, toxic ooze, triggers, and traps.

Christmas Activity Book
(iPad, Android)
A pretty versatile activity book of puzzles, matching games, Christmas stories, singing, and counting that will keep the toddlers entertained while you finish off your third hot toddy. Don't deny it.

Game for Adults

Zombieville USA 2
(iPhone, Android)
If you enjoy Plants vs Zombies (and who doesn't) but have already beaten it, this one might spark your interest. It's not a tower defense game, but you get amo and need to use it to fight zombies. Good old-fashioned fun for Christmas day! There's a lot of unlockable content, including dozens of weapons, skills, playable characters and upgrades.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown (iPhone)
Arkham City is one of the hottest new console releases, but relatives tend to get antsy when you spend the holidays in front of your computer/TV screen. With this smartphone version you can sneak away for a few minutes and pretend to be checking urgent work emails. Scour the rooftops and the seedy underbelly of Gotham City through a series of one-on-one battles with the all of Batman's iconic enemies.

Office Jerk - Holiday Edition
Even the Office Jerk deserves a gift over the holidays, so now your chance to gift the Jerk (or pretend he's your irritating, drunken uncle). You can play the usual swipe to score game or play several holiday themed mini-games.

Brain Teasers

Braingle (iPhone)
Braingle boasts the largest collection of brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, mind puzzles and optical illusions. We can't verify that claim, but we can say that there are truly a mind-blowing number of great games within the app. It will even download content from the website if you want something stored on your device for offline reading.

Trixel (iPhone)
Trixel has a reputation as one of the greatest brain teaser apps of all time. The game itself is very easy to play - all you do is flip the tiles on the board over and try to match the tile pattern shown in the corner of your phone. As you progress, there are continuously changing conditions that make it harder and harder to get to the next level.

Mensa Brain Test (iPhone)
If you're not familiar with Mensa, it's basically the cool kids club for smart people. They only grant access to those who score in the 98th percentile on a standardized IQ test. This app probably won't get you access, but it is still well designed, and composed of dozens of different questions to ensure that every time that you take a test, it is different. It covers Logic, Math, Language and Visual topics.

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thanks to these

thanks to these


Thank you for timewasters and holiday apps

Another Brain Teaser to add to the list

Hey Sarah. I always enjoy reading your posts, but I was disappointed to not see Triple Entendre in best brain teasers. Check it out when you get a chance.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the recommendation James. And thanks for the four (NOT an exageration) wasted hours last weekend =)

Cooking is wasting time?

I'll tell you what. Let's eliminate all recipes for a year and see if cooking is wasting time or not. Not to be picky or anything, but if we eliminated all business software we would survive easily, but the end of cooking would kill most people (and those who were unfortunate enough to survive it would have greatly improved priorities). I will concede that games waste time. I will not allow the notion that cooking or recipes are anything but vitally important. Think about it.

Best tools for spare time

Toys are useful for both adults and children,the key is how to use them~