Holiday Video Postcards: Nerd Carols for 2011
Gather round the warmth of your respective online device and cozy up to these “new” holiday standards (nerd-style). Happy Holidays from your friends at Retrevo.com!
Hark The Herald, Androids Sing
Glory to our new found king
Mobile users, far and wide
iPhones now, have been defiled

Joyful all ye Androids rise
Join the triumph of the skies
Samsung’s here, for me and you,
Galaxy, Though art, S Two
Hark the herald, Androids sing
Glory to our new found king

I’m Dreaming of a New iPad
I’m dreaming of a new – iPad
So I can play - some Angry Birds
It will tr- avel with me
And might just - get me Kicked off,
a plane for Friends With Words

I’m dreaming of a new – iPad
So I don’t have -- to look alone
When I wait in line, at a store… --
All the nerds will
Know I’m still hardcore


I’m dreaming of a new – iPad
And I can’t wait for iPad 3
Come on, Apple, please hear, my cry…
Cuz’ a new, iPad,
I want to buy.

All songs re-written and sung by Jennifer L. Jacobson, Retrevo's resident lyricist and poet, as well as it's Director of Public Relations. Special thanks to Jennifer's husband, Adam Schmidt who engineered the songs and created the graphics for both songs.

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