Insane Luxury Geek “Gifts” My Rich Friends
Didn’t Get Me This Year
It’s happened again. The holidays have come and gone and it’s clear that your rich friends (the ones who own private islands and a fleet of jet planes) don’t care about supporting your nerdy habits the way you had hoped, and it’s not like you asked them for much… really, it’s just disappointing when that personal robot or flying car you asked for didn’t materialize.

That’s why Retrevo’s put together this ultimate, no-holds-bared, insanely expensive, luxury nerd-friendly gift list for you. Here’s to hoping they get the hint. Forget about those other, lesser “luxury gift lists” you’ve seen. This one boldly goes where no other list would dare. Next year, be sure to send those uber-rich friends of yours this link so they know the level of awesomeness you’re expecting and that we’ve got our eye on them.

Tropical Island Paradise Yacht
(Value: Unknown but Astronomical. Probably More Than $31,000,000)
What nerd wouldn’t want their own private island, complete with “evil” volcano and mini-ocean? Okay, so this one doesn’t exist yet, but it should be on your list the second these babies go on the market. Imagine if you will, an island, that’s a boat, with a helipad… something like what’ you’d see in a James Bond film (we hope it has dolphins with lasers). Now imagine that… even cooler… and you’d have this… well, you wouldn’t actually “have” it but hey, you have to dream, right? We’ve seen “lesser cruise ships” go for $31 Million, so let’s hope your rich friends are ready to pony up.
John Lennon’s Rolls Royce Phantom V.
(Value: $2,299,000)
See what I mean? What other list would dare put John Lennon’s personal Rolls Royce Phantom V on itself? I’m not even sure if this thing is technically “for sale” but hey, everything has a price right? And what could be more awesome (especially for music nerds) than to own such a great, customized car from one of The Beatles?
Elite Home Theater Seating
($60,000) Just For The Chairs…
Granted, this isn’t D-Box, so it won’t move with the film, but it’s still amazing. Elite Home Theater Seating makes some great looking theater chairs. Unfortunately, the “Pirates” design in this picture is CG, but hey, if we find out how much that would cost, we’ll add it to the list.

Platinum Gundam
Action Figure

The perfect gift for the practical nerd. It’s small and easy to store. Just don’t let your kids get ahold of it.

Apple-1 Personal Computer

For a mere $160,000 bid, you too can be the proud owner of an Apple-1 Personal Computer, courtesy of Christies Auction House.

The Swildens Desk Recreated
I’m only asking for the recreation… not the original Ben Swildens desks, of which there are only three.

The Personalized Wac-A-Mole Game/Mini-Bar

What’s a $35,000 Wac-a-Mole Game between friends? Especially, rich friends?

Captain Kirk’s Chair Look-Alike

Seriously, who wouldn’t want this? I don’t care how badly it clashes with the rest of the house, this is pure nerd-awesomeness!

Robot/Puppet Prototype from MIT’s Media Lab’s Personal Robotics Group

(Value: Unknown)
I love puppets. I love robots. So what could be better than a robot puppet? And the ones from Personal Robotics Group aren’t the kind you can pick up in a normal toy store.

White Box Robotics Extreme 914 PC-BOT

This computer can do just about anything from, move on its own, to see, hear, smell, listen, and communicate. They say, you can also program it to do just about anything.

Life-Sized Werewolf Display

Werewolf? There wolf! – Sorry, I’ve been wanting to say that for a long time. Imagine this adorable sculpture in your living room, office or even, just standing outside the house at night, on Halloween. It’s the little things isn’t it?


(Pricing Estimated $40,000)
What could be better than your own outdoor cubicle? Not much. So why not get the Tetra Shed? Oh, wait, they’re not out yet. So once they come out, be sure to get one, or a whole bunch of them, as you can stitch them together.

Roy Lichtenstein Framed Comic

Wow your friends with this Roy Lichtenstein painting. They’ll be amazed that they’re watching art… while its watching them.

Tom Burr Table-Tennis Table

Who doesn’t love tablet tennis? Especially expensive table tennis…

Sound Egg Chair

Ever feel like you could just shut out the world? Now you can with your very own egg-shaped hideaway.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, 1987 Costume

(Est. $3,100 - $4,500)
Yes, this is the original Superman VI costume used in the film. Need we say more?

Dr. No 1962 Film Poster

(Est. $3,100 - $4,500)
What self-respecting nerd wouldn’t want a James Bond poster?
Stuart Hughes, Designed iPhone 4S
Fine. We’ll end this list with something expected… an iPhone 4S… but not just any iPhone 4S! This one is quite possibly the most expensive one in the world, so it deserves to be on the list.

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Being a geek, I would love

Being a geek, I would love to get my hands on many of these luxury gifts. I wonder how many years I need to work and save to even remotely have a chance of affording one of them. I know that John Lennon's car would be out of reach, but who can stop me from dreaming?

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Holy crap!

Oh.my.goodness. That yacht. I can't even imagine how enjoyable life would be cruising along the ocean in that baby. I can tell you one thing, if I had the money I would be FIRST in line for that if-ever/whenever it is created and marketed. It's simply incredible. But, for now, I guess I could settle for the ping pong table. Although my budget requires me to find a less expensive (less than $45k) table tennis table for sale online, it's still fun to dream- right?! Great post.

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