Skyrim: The Best Memes, Music & Mayhem (we’ve seen so far)

With the releases of the epic world-to-world Skyrim game, it could only be expected that memes, music and mayhem would follow. Here are some of the best cultural highlights I’ve personally seen since Skyrim landed.

Skyrim Meme Breakdown

Ned Stark Ponders Skyrim

There was a time when Skyrim had not yet been released to the public. (I think generations from now will refer to it as The Dragonborn-less Ages). For anyone whose been following HBO’s Game of Thrones, this meme is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Family Outcast: Oblivious

It’s awkward family photo time and what better way to isolate yourself from your gaming family members than by giving them the gift of Oblivion instead of Skyrim?

This IS Buckets on Headz!
You’re a heroic warrior! You enter Skyrim planning on slaughtering every evil thing you see. You can do it… if you just stop putting buckets on people’s heads.

You Don’t Have To Outrun the Dragon…
When you find yourself in the company of a Halfling and an ill-tempered dragon, remember, you don’t have to outrun the dragon...
28 Days… After Skyrim
If you don’t see your Skyrim playing friends for the next six months… don’t be alarmed. It takes something like 600 hours to complete, just the most basic of tasks in the game. Now, if they decide to set up shop in Skyrim and become a farmer… yeah, you’ll probably never see them again.

The Elder “Scrolls”
Wah Wah Waaaaaaah….. Don’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming. If you find yourself trying to describe this game at holiday functions, a lot of people will probably think of this exact image when you tell them it’s called, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Heights. And Falling From Them…

It’s true, Skyrim has some amazing views from mountaintops, and it can be tempting to look over the edge of them. We just don’t recommend walking off of them. Okay, if you really want , at least save first.

…Speaking of Falling

In Skyrim its easy to get carried away after a glorious victory. Sometimes this can lead to carelessness. Carelessness leads to falling. Falling leads to suffering… especially if you didn’t save first.

Skyrim Geography

In Skyrim Future generations will have to memorize maps of Skyrim… and also of Gondor. If only traveling on earth were as easy as fast travel.

Speaking of Gondor…

Oh Ned, is there anything you CAN’T do? We still believe in you buddy and no matter how lost we get in Skyrim, we’ll still find the time to watch the extended version of LOTR on Blu-ray.

Arrow to the Knee

In Skyrim No matter where you go in Skyrim, someone’s had a life change because someone, somewhere, (we won’t say who Legolas), shot them in the knee. You could make a fortune selling knee-guards in this place.

On The Waterfront,
Meets Skyrim
Seriously, after that last joke, you had to see this coming.

Giant (Taunting) Spiders

In Skyrim No one ever asks what the spider’s thinking… or why they’re packing gold. Who would have thought?

An Honest Mistake

Don’t blame Fry for asking this question. He’s not too bright and his best friend is a robot. Here wait, you’re the one with the AI squire following you around Skyrim.

Village Store… Too Far… So Slow…

In Skyrim, weight can be a problem. It can slow you down. Especially when you’re carrying too much. I suggest stowing it in a safe place and coming back for it later. Then you can take it into town and sell it. Yeah! #Nerd. Now if only loosing weight were this easy in real life.

So Much Skyrim. So Little Avatar
Fly blue monkeys! Fly… but not in Skyrim. After the dragon saves you in the first scene, it’s tough to choose which great warrior skin you want to possess.

Census… Skyrim Style
You know it’s the future. You saw it coming when all of your friends started playing WOW years ago.

Viral Video Meets
Unrelenting Force
When popular viral videos of kids saying funny things in cars meets dragon shouts, this happens.

Mayhem – Skyrim Style

2500 Cheese Wheels Rolling Off a Mountain.
So, it looks like the Skyrim equivalent for the mythological Sisyphus is this… a man who took 2400 cheese wheels to the top of a mountain, just to watch them roll down. We challenge you not to laugh when watching this though.

My Little Skyrim

These aren’t the dragons you’re looking for. No really, how did this My Little Pony dressed as a dragon get in here? It’s going to get killed if a real dragon sees it.

Occupy Skyrim

Not everyone is born with a dragon soul. The 99% don’t have a dragon soul. That’s just not fair. Time to occupy Skyrim!

The Pets of Skyrim

We’re not sure what this cat is doing with a plastic doctor’s hammer but we’re pretty sure it didn’t buy it in Skyrim.

Music Inspired from Skyrim
The Dragonborn Comes (Cover)
Skyrim Ducks
Song of Skyrim
(Metal Cover) Song of Skyrim
Accordion Skyrim
Skyrim on Piano and Violin
Skyrim Fan-Made Soundtrack: Frosty Lakes

The Bard's Song, By van Canto

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Ned Stark very popular man.

Ned Stark very popular man.