10 Gadgets for Superbowl Party Glory

The Grillslinger Sport

This is one of the most amazing man-cave accoutrements that we’ve ever come across. It’s a tool-belt for barbequeing, with a Pro-Flipper, Speed Tongs, a knife, and an insulated, adjustable beverage cooler. All are held in place with lock-and-load (their glorious description, not mine) inserts. We’re pretty sure the fabric it’s made of is a derivative of pure testosterone.

Radio Controlled Cooler

This just might be beer utopia: a cooler that holds a 12-pack of bottles and will come to you. It’s remote-controlled so you can send it across the room to a friend and then bring it straight back. Never leave the couch again.

Opena Bottle Opener
iPhone Case

Who doesn’t want a beer with their iPhone? Use the Superbowl as an excuse to get this sweet piece of kit and never be caught with a bottle you can’t open. It is a hard, protective case that fits the iPhone 4/4S, GSM and CDMA, with the opener sliding out the back.

NY Giants Scoreboard Clock

We on the West Coast are still struggling to recover from the 49ers NFC Championship loss to the Giants, but we can attempt to be good sports by graciously suggesting that you Giants fans support your team with this somewhat amusing, mostly tacky, scoreboard clock.

Krups BeerTender B100

Since beer will be flowing regardless at your Superbowl party, you may as well make sure it’s flowing ice cold and with the perfect amount of carbonation. The Krups BeerTender works with Heineken and New Castle Mini Kegs, keeping the beer a perfect 37.4 degreed F and fresh for thirty days after tapping.

Cruzin’ Cooler

Because this is 2012 and no should be expected to walk and carry stuff at the same time.

Magnetic Coozies

Perfect for tailgating, a magnetic coozie means you stick your beer to the side of your vehicle (so classy) and free up that extra hand for maximum nacho consumption.

Boat Blender

It’s a common problem – you find yourself hankering for a nice fancy cocktail, yet woe is you, for you have a drill but no blender. Fear not, for the Boat Blender is here. Pour your cocktail in the container, screw on the special top, plug in your drill and voila, a mixer!

Football Universal Remote

Your significant-other isn’t going to thank us for this suggestion, but your friends might. It’s only $20 so it won’t matter too much when it goes “missing” about a week after Superbowl Sunday.
Madden NFL ‘12
One of the many fun traditions surrounding the Superbowl is the annual Madden NFL simulation. Since 2004 EA has been running a simulated game between the AFC and NFC Champions to predict who will the Superbowl. They’ve been right six out of eight times, which isn’t bad. Regardless, having a copy of the game on-hand proves to be great entertainment for before and after the real thing.

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