Tablets Galore: The Best and Brightest
from CES 2012
Pretty much every major manufacturer is unveiling some sort of (predominantly) Android tablet, with a few managing to run Ice Cream Sandwich. We’ve picked a couple of the best ones to talk about in this little CES blog blurb;
Asus Transformer Prime
An updated model of the Transformer Prime was spotted at CES with a higher resolution display and running Ice Cream Sandwich. The quad-core beast is one of the fastest tablets on the market and can transform into a netbook-like machine with its detachable keyboard. Look out for the newer version (model TF700T) later this year starting at $599.
Viewsonic Viewpad 10pi
A slew of new tablets emerged from Viewsonic at CES but the Viewpad 10pi may take the cake, due to its ability to dual-boot into both Windows 7 and Android. Despite the powerful Oak Trail processor, the 10pi may be better off just booting into Windows - the outdated Gingerbread interface may leave some users begging for an Ice Cream Sandwich…
Viewsonic Viewpad e70
This 7-inch tablet may be your cheapest way to get Android 4.0, as the e70 will retail for only $170. We are hoping that the single-core processor can handle Ice Cream Sandwich, but if it does this could be the first good budget tablet revealed this year.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
Samsung threw another tablet in their midst with the updated Galaxy Tab 7.7, which has an updated dual-core processor (1.4 GHz) and a new, thinner design. Though it lacks Android 4.0, the Super AMOLED Plus display could be worth the upgrade (the technology has never previously been made available on tablets).
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