What’s The Best HDTV For Your Budget and Your Room
At CES 2012 we saw the future of HDTV and that was UHDTV (ultra high definition) or 4K. As stunning as these and other TVs of tomorrow looked most consumers are more interested in the TVs of today and which one to buy. Now that you can get a good 47-inch HDTV set for under $1000 and very good large screen set for a few dollars more we thought we’d share our TV recommendations for a whole range of budgets. If you are wondering whether or not to wait for prices to come down you may be taking a gamble. Supplies have been low since the holidays as we saw some retailers run out of inventory and are expected to be tight right through the winter so it’s anyone’s guess whether prices will go up or down over the next six months.
How Retrevo Picks the Winners

The Retrevo artificial intelligence analysis engine looks at millions of reference points including features, sentiment, prices, age, and other important data. All this number crunching and analysis results in a “Real Time Review” that includes graphical representation like a product’s life cycle.

Sentiment, which includes user and expert ratings, is also another big component of the real time review.

Retrevo also tracks and analyzes up-to-the-minute price data to inform consumers whether it’s a good time to buy or not.

High End, Big Screen TVs
One of the most impressive looking HDTVs we saw at this year’s CES was a 75-inch LCD from Samsung. This top-of-the-line series 8 (ES8000) 3DTV will include features like micro-dimming that can selectively dim certain areas of the screen increasing contrast ratios. This TV also comes with an inconspicuous camera on the top of the screen which can be used for things like Skype and face recognition-type features. Of course, you can’t buy one of these now as pricing and availability are yet to be announced but in the meantime if you want a high end HDTV you might want take a look at one of these.
Panasonic VIERA TC-P65VT30 (around $2500)
While you’re waiting for its successor, the VT50 which improves on the VT30’s impressive image quality and offers even deeper blacks, the 3D, VT30 still offers one of the best, if not the best large screen plasma TV with warm, rich colors, great contrast and great resistance to blurring on fast moving scenes which is perfect for something like Superbowl action.
LG Infinia 65LW6500 (around $2400)
This 65-inch 3DTV uses passive glasses technology that some viewers say is not quite as sharp as active glasses versions but you get four light weight glasses with this Wi-Fi connected TV that offers 4 HDMI ports.
Sony BRAVIA KDL-60NX720 (around $2400)
This LED backlit 3DTV uses active shutter glasses which some viewers say look better than passive but the glasses are heavier, more expensive and require batteries. It’s a Wi-Fi connected 240Hz TV that still offers that Sony quality
Vizio XVT3D554SV (around $1700)
This large screen 3D Vizio is a newer model and you can find one for well under $2000. It has all the good features like Wi-Fi connectivity and 5 HDMI ports plus it has a refresh rate of 480Hz.

Best TVs for the Bedroom
Vizio E3D420VX (around $650)
For the bedroom, you might want to go for something in the 37-inch (plus or minus) range. Below 37-inches you might be able to find a good deal on a 720p set but if you want good value and a larger size you should consider a Vizio 42-inch LED backlit LCD TV like the E3D420. It even does 3D.
Sony KDL-32EX523 (around $650)
A 32-inch TV might be a little small for a big bedroom but for an average-sized bedroom or study it could be just the right size and this Sony LED backlit, Wi-Fi-connected TV could be just the one for watching the Late Show or Netflix in bed.
Sharp LC 40LE830U (around $800)
This 40-inch Sharp Aquos gets generally positive reviews from both users and experts and offers 3D, Wi-Fi connectivity and an LED back light for around $800.

Best Value TVs for the Living Room
LG 47LW5300 (around $950)
You can get 47-inch LED backlit 3DTVs like this LG 47LW5300 that has been seen bundled with a Blu-ray player for as low as $949.
Vizio XVT473SV (around $1200)
This Vizio 47-inch LED backlit, Wi-Fi-connected TV doesn’t offer 3D but does offer Vizio’s good value in an affordable TV.
Samsung UN46D6000 (around $950)
The Samsung 6000 series is not their top of the line but this HDTV offers good value for a 46-inch set that features an LED backlight, 4 HDMI ports, and Samsung’s Auto-Motion Plus for reduced blurring.

Use Retrevo’s Magic HDTV Decoder

Have you ever wondered what all those letters and numbers mean in the model designation? Retrevo figured out what they all mean and offers it to you in their Model Decoder section where you’ll not only find out how to parse that info but you’ll also learn how to compare a Costco-only model with ones that get reviewed. You’ll also find valuable information about different manufacturers’ series of HDTVs like this one for Sony or this one for Samsung.

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Panasonic VIERA TC-P65VT30

Panasonic VIERA TC-P65VT30 cost very much.