Five Reasons to Wait For the iPad 3
It’s been almost a year since Steve Jobs introduced the iPad 2 and rumors are solidifying around a March date for the iPad 3 or who knows, maybe they’ll call it the iPad 2S. There is also some speculation that an iPad 3 announcement event will occur on or around Steve Jobs’ birthday which is February 24th but March 29th is now considered the likely date for it to go on sale. Whenever Apple decides to unveil it and whatever they decide to call it, the new iPad is expected to have some attractive new features that should help it keep pace with the latest batch of Android tablets. Here’s a rundown of what the new iPad is likely to include.

1. Twice the Resolution and Four Times the Pixels

The current resolution of the iPad 2 is 1024 x 768 with a rather low pixel density of 132 ppi (pixels per inch). The pixel density of an iPhone Retina display is 326 ppi. The iPad 3 display is expected to be somewhere around 2048 x 1536 with a resulting 264 ppi, not quite a Retina display but you’ll see a very noticeable improvement. Rumor has it Apple has beefed up the backlight for the new, improved display which may make the iPad 3 slightly thicker.

2. Improved Camera

The iPad 3 is rumored to include a Sony-sourced, 8MP camera along with a higher resolution front facing camera which should make FaceTime video calls more special. We hear there’s still no flash for the camera but we wonder how many photos are shot with an iPad altogether.

3. Improved Battery Life

The currently run rate for a fully charged iPad 2 is around 10 hours. That could improve with a rumored 14,000 mAh battery supposedly coming from Simplo Technology and Dynapack Internation. This would represent a significant increase over the iPad 2’s 6500 mAh battery. The extra battery capacity could come in handy if Apple decides to include the power hungry 4G LTE networking.

4. Quad Core Processor

The iPad 2 runs on the same A5 dual-core processor as the iPhone 4S. Rumor has it the iPad 3 may run on an A6 quad-core processor.
5. It May Use the Faster 4G LTE Mobile Network
When the iPhone 4S launched without 4G LTE service which is widely available from Verizon and less so from AT&T, there was some grumbling from those looking for the latest high speed wireless standard. If rumor proves true we could see 4G LTE implemented in the iPad 3. It makes sense for a number of reasons. One we might see carriers subsidize the iPad in return for a contract and two it would give Apple a chance to “shake out” LTE for performance and battery drain issues before they release it on the iPhone 5 later this year.

In case you don't want to wait for the iPad 3 and are trying to decide between an iPad and a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, here's a comparison that should help you decide.

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I think we all know that

I think we all know that when the iPad3 comes out, it will be a huge hit and the apple followers will gobble it up like every other Apple product. However, we need to be a little more objective here. What is the purpose of getting the iPad3? Those improvements are not revolutionary, and the supposed improved battery life might be offset by the better screen and more powerful processor.

I love that Ipad 3

I love that Ipad 3 has some significant improvements over its predecessor, but then it's the norm for most tech gadgets these days. Else, the practical of people will bound to think that there is no point in spending over a thousand dollars on a gadget that they already have.

The increased battery life would be really welcome

The increased battery life would be really welcome if people want to use the new iPad as a desktop replacement. It's definitely powerful enough to run proper office software and not web-based "apps". Looking forward to it! :)

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and it'll cost twice as much and nothin was said about expansion, no thank I'll pass!

You can get a usb adapter

You can get a usb adapter from Apple that works on iPad. It's one of two adapters sold as a set for plugging in your camera. That's good enough, I should think. Who wants a thumb drive hanging out of the side of their iPad?

USB connection

Is the IPad 3 going to have USB connection ports and will it be compatible with Bluetooth from other appliances .


The Second Reason NOT to Wait

No USB input. Why is Apple so "Pig-headed" on denying this capability? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use a flash drive with the ipad?

This is junk

This is junk

Windows Phone

For those of you who know... pls fill the rest of us (me) in... what's with all the talk of the Windows 8 phone(s) due this summer... set to blow away the droids and iphone.. platforms specs, etc.. thanks

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On the one reason not to buy one:

It's made in China with slave labor that sees suicide as the only way out of their sweatshop hell. All so Steve Jobs could make another billion dollars he's too dead to spend...

This nonsense about the

This nonsense about the Chinese factories that make iPhones is appalling. Their suicide rate per capita within Foxcomm group is way way below the suicide rate in American society. That's right, we have more people killing themselves here than those making iPhones. And as to working conditions and living conditions try visiting other factories in China or rural regions and see how they live. Within China these folks, as blue collar workers, are very well off. You may not like how they live but try living like their brethren do in other parts of China. I visited Nicaragua recently and found it appalling how people live in tin hut housing until I saw how their really poor live. The tin hut dwellers were equivalent to our middle class. Our resort's manager lives in one. You may think we should all live in 3000 square foot McMansions but that's only because you accept the current class warfare crap peddled out of DC. Get real.


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This Nonesense about....

This is suicide confined in a company - not the whole country of China!
It is very insensitive for anyone not to recognize the problem of how employees
who labor on these gadgets paid meager wages, are treated, and the manufacturers
reaping profits regardless. I hope YOU, will be conscious, whenever you use your iPad
that a worker may have died for assembling that gadget you are holding in your hands.
I think it is very shameful! I would consider not buying an iPad!


Haven't you noticed, just about everything is made in China these days, not only iPads


Made in china

YA!Made in China ,like every phone,computer and pad.




WOW...what a bitch move of you to make...very rude


Why so upset by free speech--especially when it's true? Technically, however, the workers are not slaves, but they might as well be. Their working conditions, as revealed by the New York Times, are horrific, pay is derisory and suicide is not rare.

Well said. Agree 100%. But

Well said. Agree 100%. But people never want to think of where and how the stuff is made - just "consume" it. It would be too painful and distracting to think about such things.

The Rude Truth

Rude doesn't change truth.


It is true

I believe these allegations are 100% true, but Apple is far from the only company to which these rude truths apply. I am also sure that everyone would be more than happy to pay a couple hundred dollars more for their toys. We are all responsible for this state of affairs.

I-pad labor

It's sort of like people that complain about migrant workers coming in from Mexico. Do you want to pay four dollars for a single orange with union labor.?!?! Or do you like the say seventyfive out cost us now. Thirty eight hundred dollar I-pad I don't think so!

Is anyone really surprised

Is anyone really surprised that Iphones, etc are made in China. My family has a game every Christmas to check every present to see where they were made...If we find one from Canada or the USA, we win a prize that was not made in China