Hipster Gadgets: AKA Egotistical Electronics
If you haven’t yet seen or Google searched the popular internet craze, “hipster meme” here’s a recap: Real life pictures of pop culture icons, wearing Photoshopped glasses, with text over the image, usually explaining how they were doing pop culture stuff… before it was mainstream.

But of course, we took that scenario to the next “gadget” level, imagining what various gadgets would say… if they were trying to be hipsters. That’s just how we roll.

Hipster Gadgets

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Hipster Gadgets not so

Hipster Gadgets not so good...

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The hipster memes tend to

The hipster memes tend to make fun of how people react when certain objects or crazes become mainstream and thus lose their popularity. This is quite a humorous take on what some devices might actually say if they were hipsters.