A Nerd’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts (In Rhyme)
It’s that time of year again, when nerds and normal people alike acknowledge their feelings for one another in that traditional bloodbath (I mean joyous occasion) that is, Valentine’s Day. But your Valentine is a nerd, so there are bound to be some differences right? Worry not! We’ve scoured the web to bring you a very special Valentine’s Day… in rhyme… nerd style!
Let the Poetry Begin…

Lightsaber Candlesticks

Who says love and sci-fi
Can just never mix?
Behold, lavish Lightsaber
Nerd candlesticks!

Nyan Cat Scarf

When a nerd loves you
They’ll knit you a hat
And maybe a scarf
That’s shaped like Nyan Cat

Indiana Jones Cookies

I tried making “Ned” cookies
Just like Game of Thrones
But all I could do
Was bake Dr. Jones.

Pokémon Rose

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
This Pokémon Rose
Tells the world, “I choose you!”

“Avatar” Avatar

This aint no Pandora
But if you squint hard
You’ll see this nerd couple
In blue avatars.

Angry Birds Candy

Normal candy may be fine
For those not being nerds
But if you’re one, than have some fun
With candy, Angry Birds.

LOTR Plush

While most are contented
With stuffed bears and things,
True nerds will desire
Plush Lord of the Rings.

Carl Sagan Valentine

*This one wrote itself… and now you have the song stuck in your head!

Graphically Speaking

Words can’t explain the way that I am
So I’ll show you my feelings in Venn Diagram.

Hello Candy

“Normal” shaped candy
Has no superpowers
So I’m saying, “I love you”
With Hello Kitty Sours!

Pac-Woman Rings

These four nerdy gifts
Will make your nerd heart sing
It’s Pac-Woman and pellets
On four lovely rings!

Boldly Going Star Trek Bathrobe

Sometimes, in transition
From shower to clothes
It’s nice to have this
Red Star Trek Bathrobe!

Motherboard Tie

The way that I feel
No money can buy.
So I had to go get you
A motherboard tie!

8-Bit Watch

Our love, it is eternal
So keep that in mind
With this neat 8-Bit Watch
To help you keep time.

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