March 15, 2012
inClass ( iTunes )
InClass is here to help you survive school. No matter how complex your school schedule is inClass will help you keep track of all your courses. Not only that, but it will help you keep track of your tasks by reminding you that one is due soon, that way you have no excuse to not do your homework. On top of everything inClass will help you take notes way more efficiently than ever before. Video notes, audio notes, photo notes! You name it! Just take out your iPhone or iPod Touch and start taking notes. inClass will even know which class you are in!

March 8, 2012
Evi ( iTunes , Android )
Evi is the revolutionary artificial intelligence here to help with all of your everyday information needs. Unlike a search engine, which simply looks for matching words and shows you a list of websites, Evi understands what you want to know and gives back exactly what you're after. Need to know where the nearest bank is? Not a problem. Going out for dinner but can't decide where? She can help with that too. The more you ask, the more she will learn, and thus she is improving all the time.

March 1, 2012
NBA Game Time Courtside ( iTunes )
This is the NBA’s official app for the iPad – updated for the current season and full of great content. It offers Live team and player status, video highlights, full game video recaps, League stats and scheduling information, a live ticker that keeps you updated to NBA.com, and a live court view.

Feb 24, 2012
Wunderkit ( iTunes )
Wunderkit lets friends and colleagues collaborate on projects by setting up a calendar, assigning tasks, and writing notes that a select group of people can access. It's a great app for people with projects on the go, the interface is clean and user-friendly and integrates social networking in useful ways. Once the user base begins to grow this will be an app to watch.

Feb 17, 2012
Girl Scout Cookie Locator Finds the Sales Stations
( Android, iTunes )

This, and this alone is what the harnessed power of my phone is for. Girl Scouts never come to my door, so I have to go traipsing around town looking for them. And I have to find multiple sales stations because saying, “I’d like fifteen boxes of each, please” at one place has never really worked out well for me. With this wonderful app now I know exactly where they are and when.

Feb 10 , 2012
Moodagent Creates the Perfect Playlist( Android, iTunes )
Just in time for a certain romantic holiday, Moodagent takes all the time and stress out of making mood-appropriate playlists. Taking the contents of your music library it tags them and then when you tell it what mood you want it references those tags to create a tailored playlist.

Feb 3 , 2012
Create a Unique Valentine’s Day Card
with Build-a-Card: Cupid Edition
( Android, iTunes )
Create the perfect V-Day card with the Build-a-Card platform, which gives you the power to edit and personalize with photos and themed overlays. You can use photos from your albums, or your camera, and then share them over all the major social networking clients.

Jan 24 , 2012
A Fitness App to Keep Your Resolution on Track ( iTunes )
All-in Fitness boasts 1000 fitness and Yoga exercises with photos, videos, and detailed instructions. The app also includes a calorie counter, social networking, full ready-made work out programs, a body tracker that calculates heart rate, and keeps track of your body's parameters and statistics.

Jan 17 , 2012
NFL Mobile ( Android, iTunes )
For the first time in history the Superbowl will be streamed live to the internet, including mobile devices. If you can't be in front of a television, with this app you won't have to resort to listening to it over the radio.

Jan 13 , 2012
"What Note Is This?" ( iPad )
For those of you just learning to read music, this handy app is a great way to memorize notes on both the treble clef and bass clef. You can practice with virtual flashcards and take quizzes to test how much you know, and at ninety-nine cents, the price is right. Set your level of difficulty and have at it!

Jan 6 , 2012
DailyBurn ( iPhone, iPad )
This application offers a comprehensive nutrition and work-out program, including customized videos that are sent to you every day, as well as utilizing their patented technology to take your current weight, your goals, and you lifestyle into account and design an optimized workout routine.

Dec 25, 2011
Snowfall Live Wallpaper ( Android )
One of the best perks of having an Android phone is the live wallpaper. This winter wallpaper is nice for those of us living in balmier climates, and comes with customizable settings for colors, Christmas lights, Santa sightings, and more.

Dec 16, 2011
Xmas Radio ( iPhone )
If you're one of those weird people who actually LIKES Christmas music then I would encourage you to look into this app. The coolest thing about it is that you can listen to Christmas music stations from all over the world.

Dec 9, 2011
A Charlie Brown Christmas ( iPad )
This interactive book tells Charlie and the Peanuts gang's story, complete with original dialogue, animations and music. You can play Schroeder's piano, finger paint, and go caroling with the choir.

Dec 2, 2011
Christmas HD ( Android )
This live Christmas wallpaper app gives you plenty of backgrounds to get you in the Christmas spirit. Even use your own photographs if you prefer.

Nov 18, 2011
Coffee Run ( Android )
We all end up being the one to make a coffee run now and again. Of course there’s nothing worse than getting to the front of the line and completely blanking on everyone’s orders, or unable to read your own hastily handwritten notes. This app aims to take care of that by creating fields for you to fill in people’s names, the size they want, the flavor, the extras, etc. So not only does it make ordering easier, but handing them out back at the office as well.


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