Report From the Design West Expo
The Design West Expo bills itself as the "center of the engineering universe." That claim may be a bit overstated but this trade show that took place in San Jose, California did feature a nice collection of tools and technology that will be used to produce tomorrow's tech products. Among the sea of sensors, LEDs, test tools and other cool tech stuff we came across a few fun things we thought you'd find interesting.
Augmented Reality and a Lego Kiosk
At the Intel Intelligent Systems booth we saw this fun Lego kiosk which they say can already be found in Lego stores. You hold up the Lego box and it shows you the finished product in 3D.

Personalized Juke Box
As much fun as it was to watch the mechanical arm grab a record and play it, this Intel Atom-powered jukebox from Touchtunes can use its camera to recognize you and play your favorite tune.

Intel-Powered Mechanical Music Machine
They say this whole music machine is run by a few Atom processors but in any case it's very clever and fun to watch.

Chevy Volt Teardown
Here's a snippet of the teardown session where teardown experts reveal what makes the Chevy Volt electric car tick.

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the Design West Expo very

the Design West Expo very expressive.

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