Five Ways to Get Your HDTV Set in Shape
A typical HDTV set does not require any maintenance however, there here are a few recommendations to help your set perform better and look better too.
Dust is Not A Friend of Your HDTV SetMost HDTV sets have ventilation spaces where dust can enter and settle on electronic components. Dust can act as an insulator causing components to run warmer than necessary. We recommend you buy a can of compressed air and carefully blow out all the dust. There's a good chance your HDTV set will last longer as a result.
Calibrate Your HDTV SetEveryone's home is different, and none of them even remotely resemble a television showroom, so you need to change the setting so that they are optimal for your particular situation; proper adjustment of the device is very dependent on the room it will be placed in. For $25-$50 you can invest in a calibration disc that may include a set of filters you look through or hold up against the screen to help set color levels. Spears & Munsil's Blu-ray calibration disc gets high marks from users. Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials (DVE) is another popular one as well as the Monster Calibration Wizard. Tutorials on the discs explain how to perform the tests and what the tests mean. If you can afford about $300 to have a specialist from someplace like Geek Squad come to your house, you’ll get someone trained to use professional equipment for adjusting the settings. You can always purchase the gear they use like this SpyderTV analyzer which starts at around $100.
Adjust Room Lights and Eliminate GlareThis recommendation isn't about your HDTV set per se but one of the easiest ways to make your TV look bad is to throw a lot of light on it creating reflections and glare. Plasma TVs are especially prone to problems with glare but LCD panels can reflect light too. Invest in a pair of drapes or put your TV in a room with few windows. Some experts recommend turning down the room lights and adding a soft light behind the TV.
Mount ItMounting your big flat panel TV may require more skill and tools than you have on hand but a TV mounted on an articulated arm against a wall of your room can not only make the TV look more attractive, but also improve the viewing experience since articulating arms can extend from the wall and be tilted to optimize the viewing angle. They can also make it easier to access ports when you want to change connections on the back of the set. Installers typically warn against mounting a TV too high in order to avoid stiff necks from "star gazing." For more info on TV mounts click here.
Organize Your Cables We recommend this as an option because in general if everything is working, why upset anything. However, you're the kind of person that like to have everything neat and organized, here are some fun tools for getting things under control - Cable Monkey, Cord Catch, Zip Ties, Multiple Cable Catch.

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I have everything I should

I have everything I should need to view this in 4K, but "Original" didn't even show up as a video quality option on my YouTube window. There were several choices, all the way up to 1080, which I chose. I was viewing it in Firefox, and am going to try again in Chrome to see if that makes any difference.

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The suggestion of the

The suggestion of the lighting of a HDTV is arguable!

1st - LCD Screens (good made ones) are not glans
2nd - the contrast level 5milion to10milion:1 is enough to avoid any disturbance from ambient light and the screen. It is so high, that also no Sun can disturb it.

contrast ratio

You're demonstrating your ignorance if you truly believe any consumer LCD, LED, or plasma's image would be bright enough to view in full sunshine. Don't believe the contrast numbers provided by manufacturers.

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Wall-mounting TVs

Beware of mounting your TV on a party wall - this will seriously piss off your neighbours as the sound will go straight through.