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Future Version of the iPad
This video has been viewed over 7M times and the reason why is because it offers a look at how edge-to-edge displays could be used in a tablet.

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To fake or not "too fake"

No, the video is not fake, it is a "concept" view of the future of the iPad, it is not in production, nor even designed yet (probably)

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I want one NOW

I will pay anything to get one when they are released. Are they taking pre orders yet?


No edge tablet.

An all screen tablet would be very difficult to operate as a touch screen.



I like it but is it fake like the previous videos??

Future of iPad

That video blew me away!! wow!
All I know is I need one!!!


I NEED one too!

If you observe properly, you

If you observe properly, you know its fake. the video was edited when two ipads link together.