Imagine you could ask buyers what coupon they used right after they made a purchase and then collect and organize that information into a comprehensive “real-time” coupon directory. This is precisely what a new coupon site, called Robot Oatmeal, does.

Robot Oatmeal gathers tens of thousands of responses every day to discover which ones are the very latest coupons, which coupons are being used most often and which ones really work. In this way, Robot Oatmeal effectively becomes a crowd-sourced, up-to-the-minute coupon directory providing consumers with many benefits like these; where you…

  • Will discover new coupons the moment the very first consumers start to use them
  • Won’t waste time trying to use invalid coupons
  • Will be the first to learn about the hottest coupons as soon as they begin to grow in popularity
  • Will get the products you want before they run out

The bottom line is you’ll save money and time using the latest and most popular coupons that are validated on a daily basis. Robot Oatmeal is a sister site of Retrevo and part of the Shopzilla family of shopping and lifestyle sites that include Beso and Bizrate.

Give Robot Oatmeal a try and let us know what you think. Check out the real-time coupon usage page.

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Thank you

Hi Retrevo,
Thanks for posting this announcement. The real-time page is hypnotic to watch!