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HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Head-to-Head

Here’s an in-depth side-by-side comparison video from our friends at TechnoBuffalo of two of the hottest Android smartphones.

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Andrew, great review, I look forward to your blog entries. A couple of points, it seems that no one ever reviews the "Phone" after all it is a phone, and does it receive and make calls in weak cell areas, is one of the phones better than the other as a phone. Everyone seems to be hung up on the bigger the screen and how many gadgets they have.

Second point, drink about 10 less cups of coffee prior to doing the vid, you talk a little fast for a old fart like me, you really come across a "wired"

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Review coverd everything but phone reliability, I have been using smart phones since they were fist released ( Audiovox PPC-6601). And have used both the Samsung & HTC models over the years and I have to state that after my experience with HTC operating system constantly crashing and having to have the insurance plan keep replacing the phone and on all the models I have had (Touch, Dimond & Touch Pro 2). And when you consider that over a 4 year period each of the HTC models had to be replaced at least 3 times each I went back to Samsung with the Galaxy Note 2 and actually recommend my friends and family to steer clear of the HTC unless you like having an undependable operating system.