Gadgetology Report; Are Smartphone Owners Switching Teams?The most recent numbers on smartphone market share suggest that Apple has gained back some ground they might have lost to the Samsung and the Android camp. With all jousting between Android and iOS, we wondered if consumers were considering jumping over to the other camp for their next smartphone. In this Gadgetology report we find out how loyal iPhone and Android users are to their platforms and ask phone buyers what they are looking for in their next smartphone. Here’s what we found:

  • Apple’s loyal following remains intact
  • Very few iPhone users are planning on switching to Android
  • Apple had better increase the screen size in future iPhones
  • Men prefer Android phones and larger screens more than women do
  • Lots of iPhone owners are waiting for too see what the next iPhone looks like but if it has the same screen size it could be a deal killer
  • New iPad, a less expensive iPhone, and an Apple television get consumers most excited
No Signs of a Mass Defection to Android

In general both Android and iPhone owners appear satisfied with their phones to be able to say their next phone will be the same type. It also doesn’t appear that Apple has much to fear for the moment of a mass defection to Android with surprisingly more Android owners saying they might make an iPhone their next phone as opposed to iPhone owners going to Android. Apple iPhone users are also more confident phone buyers than other users with the lowest percentage of “undecided” buyers.

Everybody Wants a Larger Screen on Their Phone

Of the choices we presented to them, the top two things consumers say they looking for in their next phone are larger screens and features they don’t currently have. Since most consumers always want some new feature they don’t currently have we see larger screens as a very important feature when phone buyers shop for a new phone. This is reinforced in another question where the number one item phone users wished was different about their phones was a bigger screen.

Over a Third of iPhone Users We Asked Are Holding Off a Purchase
iPhone Owners Want a Larger Screen

As loyal as iPhone users appear to be quite a few of them (35%) say they are holding off the purchase of a new phone until they see what Apple has to offer in the next iPhone. They might be waiting to see what screen size Apple has to offer with almost 10 percent of iPhone users who might be interested in buying the next iPhone said that no screen size increase could be a deal killer.

Is Anyone Excited About Rumored Apple Products?

Of all the products we listed from out iPhone rumor list, most consumers said they were more excited about a new iPad and a less expensive phone. iPhone owners also like the idea of a new iPad best followed closely by an Apple television and less expensive iPhone. Men like the idea on iWatch more than women do while women were more excited about a new iPad more than men are.

About the StudyThe study was conducted via the Bizrate Insights survey platform and offered to online buyers immediately after purchasing from the Bizrate Insights Network of over 5,200 ecommerce retailers in the US and Canada. Data from this study was collected from 3,428 online buyers from May 29th - June 3rd, 2013
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Graphics from this study can be downloaded here.

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congratulations excellent article, was very good.

Excellent post i must say.

Excellent post i must say. There are many articles out there on this particular point, but you have highlighted different sides of the topic. This was very interesting to read.