Coolest High Tech Watches
Despite the fact that cell phones have put a dent in the wristwatch market, not everyone uses their phone as their watch. In fact, the watch industry is very much alive and well with some very fashionable and high tech products to choose from. There are watches only the rich and famous can afford, watches for special purposes like sports and outdoor activities, high tech watches with Bluetooth connectivity and now there is about to be a wave of smartwatches that work with smartphones including one from Sony along with some rumored smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and Google. Here’s a roundup of some watches we think are pretty cool.
Worlds Thinnest Watch Is a Kickstarter Project That Hasn’t Shipped YetThey’ve raised over a million dollars from “investors” who are showing signs of getting antsy but if you’re willing to take a chance on throwing $130 bucks away, you could be the owner (someday) of a 0.5mm E-Ink watch in a stainless steel band. One big benefit of using the same display technology used in e-readers is very long battery life and excellent readability in bright daylight.
The Pebble Watch Was a Kickstarter Project That is Shipping NowPebble Technology has shipped close to 100,000 Pebble watches after grabbing over $10M in Kickstarter funding. For $149 you can own this E-Ink display smartwatch in black, white or red that works with iOS or Android devices. Reviewers have been impressed by its design and large selection of apps and watch faces and its ability to display alerts and notifications. Android users will be able to receive more kinds of notifications than iOS users.
You Can Talk to a Martian SmartwatchMartian smartwatches are analog watches with a digital personality. Unlike some of the other new smartwatches, these watches have a microphone and speaker built in so you can use voice commands or Siri to initiate calls or use it as a speaker phone. A tiny 96 x 16 pixel OLED display can alert you to messages or other notifications. You can even use one as a remote trigger for your smartphone camera. The Martian watches come in colors, and range in price from $249 to $299.
Traditional, Very Expensive, Elegant and State-of-the-Art You won’t find Bluetooth 4 connectivity in the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph but you will find a 39 jewel, column-wheel and oscillating pinion movement for extreme accuracy and reliability. The black titanium carbide steel bezel and titanium cage adds a touch of class to a watch that will cost you close to $4,000.

TAG Heuer has been showing off a couple of high-tech watch prototypes including the Carrera MIKROGIRDER which represents a departure from the traditional hairspring and balance wheel mechanical watch that has been around for centuries. The MIKROGIRDER, “instead of a spiral shape in a classical hairspring, uses a coupling blade/girder and excitatory blade/girder system working with a linear oscillator.” We have no idea what that means but it sounds impressive and we understand, among other advantages, it makes it less susceptible to effects from gravity and increases precision. Another concept watch, the TAG Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum claims to be the first high-frequency watch moved by magnets that includes a “dual chain platform with a balance-wheel system” and “a hairspring-less pendulum system for the chronograph” allowing it to beat faster and more accuratley. The case is made of sandblasted, fine-brushed titanium with a sapphire crystal.

A Chronograph for World TravelersProfessionalsThe Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime Pilot will cost you around $11,000 but will make it easy to adjust the time to anywhere your private jet happens to take you. You spin the dial to change time zones on this 56 jewel water resistant (100 meters), glare-proofed sapphire crystal watch that comes in gold or steel.
Breathalyzer Watch Could Be a Life Saver
Coming out of Japan is the $149 Kisai Breathalyzer Watch that measures alcohol level from someone breathing into the side of it. The LED lights turn yellow or red depending on the alcohol level or green if you’re sober. There’s also a game you can play to help determine your ability to perform a task. For more interesting watches in this vein check out the watches featured on Tokyo Flash Japan.
GPS Watch For Athletes, Hikers and Others
If you’re willing to pay around $400 to save you the trouble of pulling a smartphone out of your pocket or want the convenience of having lots of information about you outdoor activities available on your wrist, the Garmin fenix might be just what you’re looking for. In addition to the GPS, the fenix has all kinds of sensors including barometric, altitude, temperature and a 3-axis compass and it’s waterproof down to 50 meters too. You can hook up other sensors like a heart rate monitor using ANT + or connect with a smartphone via Bluetooth. With Garmin Connect or Garmon Basecamp applications you can do all sorts of things with the data that the fenix generates.
Casio G-Shock With Bluetooth 4 Low Energy Connectivity

Casio wrote the book on techie watches starting with their line of calculator watches. The Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch with Bluetooth 4 “Smart Ready” technology sells for around $180 and can notify you (with a vibration if you want) of incoming calls and emails through a connection to your iPhone (sorry Android users). The G-Shock Bluetooth is also, as the name implies, a rugged watch that gets good, but not great ratings from users.

Stylish Smartwatch From Italian Designers
We wonder if Apple is going to come after the folks at i’m for using a lower case “i” in their product name but the $299 (just reduced from $399) i’m Watch is a stylish Bluetooth connected watch that has a touchscreen and actually resembles an iPod Nano on a watchband. It runs its own apps, plays music and displays notifications and messages coming from your smartphone. It’s an attractive device that, along with other smartwatches, may run into some competition when the rumored iWatch makes an appearance.
Sony Smartwatch 2 vs. Samsung SM-V700

Sony is about to release a follow-on to their Smartwatch which works with their Android phone as well as others. The Smartwatch 2 has a 1.6-inch (220 x 176) touchscreen display, NFC and Bluetooth 3 (didn’t Sony get the message on Bluetooth 4?). Sony claims a 4 – 7 day battery life for the Smartwatch 2 that performs functions similar to other connected smartwatches. Meanwhile Samsung appears ready to unveil their entry in the field with a smartwatch called the SM-V700 of which little is known other than the name (will it be also called the Galaxy Watch?) and an image of a prototype. We expect to see the smartwatch race heat up as all the big players like Apple and Google announce their products.

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HOT Watch

Another one to watch (see what I did there?) is the HOT Watch which is racking up backers on Kickstarter. They have a goal of $150,000, and at this moment have $270,411 pledged with 32 days to go. It has some unique features not yet seen in smart watches.

What about Kreyos Meteor?

I would say it's better than Pebble.


What? No mention of Agent smartwatch?

Why didn't you feature Agent? Its one of the most promising pieces of wrist-tech that exists.