By Andrew Eisner

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The Palm Pre is getting very positive reviews and the new iPhone 3G S looks like a product in its prime but no product is perfect so we put together this list of things neither one of these smartphones can do.
1. Run for a Long Time on a Charge
Apple may have remedied this problem with the iPhone 3G S but as of now you’ll have a hard time making it through an entire day with the Palm Pre or iPhone battery. Although there are plenty of “power packs” available for the iPhone, the Pre has a removable battery.
2. Swap a SIM Card
You can’t take either phone overseas and use a local SIM card to save roaming fees. The Pre which is a CDMA phone wouldn’t work on Europe’s GSM network anyway.
3. Save You A Lot of Money Over Two Years
Both the iPhone and Pre will cost you a lot more than most other cell phones. For starters you’ll need to spend $200 for the phone and then another $70 - $100 a month for a decent data and text plan. In both cases you may end up spending more than $2,000 for two years of service.

4. Use an SD Flash Memory Card
Neither the iPhone or the Pre support an external memory card. You can get an iPhone with 32GB of internal memory versus 8GB for the Pre but can't add any more storage with an external flash card.
5. Play Flash Videos
Neither Pre nor iPhone support Flash at the moment which limits a lot of the video you can watch. Word is the Pre will support it soon while Adobe and Apple seem to be having problems making Flash happen on the iPhone.
6. Tether a Laptop
The ability to use the 3G connection to get your laptop online through a cable or Bluetooth can be a handy feature when WiFi isn’t available. Apple announced that tethering will be available, just not on AT&T (meaning the U.S.). Initially Sprint indicated it would support laptop tethering but so far no tethering for the Pre.
7. Neither Can Compete With a Blackberry in the Enterprise
Ever wonder why President Obama carries a Blackberry when you know he would probably prefer an iPhone? Even though both the Pre and the iPhone have Exchange-friendly features, Blackberry excels in things like secure email services.
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Yeah no

Since when can't you unlock an iPhone and put another sim card in it? Fail.

Unlocked iPhones

As far as I know there is no official "unlocked" phone from AT&T. Yes you can buy an unlocked iPhone overseas and yes, you can use third party services and jailbreak programs to open up an iPhone but I don't believe you can take your AT&T activated phone to Europe and replace the SIM card with a card from another carrier