OLED All the Way!

OLED (Organic LED) first caught my attention at CES in 2007. See my post from that CES here. Subsequent to much fanfare with a 27" prototype OLED TV in 2007 and then at CES in 2008, Sony finally shipped a 11" (3 mm thin and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio) OLED flat panel TV earlier this year. Retailing at $2,400 and up, I won't quite call it a bargain. As you can see Retrevo's scientific assessment concurs with me on this one here for  read more »


There is a Bright Light Afterall!

Who can complain about the mood of consumers nowadays. The tech bust of 2000 feels ordinary compared to the financial mess we have got ourselves into. Tech seems like a safe haven this time around with corporations carrying strong balance sheets. Yes, financial sector has a reason to be concerned about (thank goodness, retirement accounts, insurance policies and now the money market accounts are not that vulnerable). And now it is official; retail sector has a reason to be worried about.  read more »


Women think Retrevo is Fun. How Cool is that!

DivineCaroline, the popular blog for women and flagship site of Real Girls Media Network, has just nominated Retrevo for a “Love this Site” award. Now what makes this so cool is who nominated Retrevo and what category they placed us into- FUN!

Now this category may be a surprise to some but for us it’s a great appreciation of the DivineCaroline Editors and Community for their ability to “get it” and recognize that shopping is fun and Retrevo is a fun place to shop. You see, we work very hard to provide a simple and fun experience between you and your p  read more »


Lycos Alum Takes Business Development Helm at Retrevo

Lycos Alum Takes Business Development Helm at Retrevo

TV Trade Association Chairman and Stanford University Program Director Join to Kick Off Board of Advisors at First Matchmaking Service for People and Electronics

April 16, 2008
Sunnyvale, Calif.Retrevo Inc., the first matching service for people and electronics, is on a tear. Just weeks after closing $8 million in a second round of institutional funding, the company has brought in former Lycos executive, Alka Gupta to run business development, and started the Retrevo advisory board with charter members Bruce Berkoff, chairman of the globally recognized LCD TV Association, and Stanford professor Banny Banerjee, world renowned design and user experience guru.  read more »


Good Gadgets That $600 Will Buy

By Andrew Eisner

The government will be sending many of you a check for $600 or more. Sure you could do the responsible thing and pay off some of your credit card debt but the government is asking you to go out and stimulate the economy. Making an extra payment on your credit card would be downright unpatriotic. So what are you waiting for, go out and treat yourself to a brand new gadget.  read more »


Mothers Day Gifts for Under $50

This year money is going to be tight for many consumers and you may not be able to afford to buy Mom that new sports car she’s had her eye on. Fear not, Retrevo has some great recommendations for gadget gifts that your Mom will love and will leave you with enough money left over to fill up the gas tank.  read more »


Mothers Day Gifts for Under $100

Moms love gadgets just like everyone else. They’re fun to own and can make your Mom's life easier. We know money is going to be tight this year but just in case you can afford more than the $50 for gifts we suggested in the other Mothers Day gift guide, here are some picks for Mother’s Day gadget gifts that cost around $100.  read more »


5 Reasons Not to Buy a Blu-ray Player Today

The format war is over and Blu-ray prevailed over HD DVD. All HD programming currently comes over the air or cable at 720p or 1080i. If you have a “full HD” HDTV and don’t have it hooked up to a high definition TV you have probably have never seen it at its highest resolution of 1080p. The big question is, should you buy a Blu-ray player now or wait? <break> Here are some reasons to wait:
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5 Reasons To Buy a Blu-ray Player Today

Now that the format war is over and you don't have to worry about which movies are going to be distributed on which standard, it might be time to buy a Blu-ray player. If you've never seen Full HD or 1080p on an HDTV set you are missing out on a viewing experience. There are some who say wait to buy a Blu-ray player but here are some reasons to go ahead and take the plunge today:  read more »


Retrevo Secures $8 Million to Give Consumers Control of Finding, Buying and Using Electronics

Retrevo Secures $8 Million to Give Consumers Control of Finding, Buying and Using Electronics

Funding to Meet Rising Demand to Simplify Consumers’ Experience with Electronics

March 20, 2008 – Sunnyvale, Calif. – Retrevo, Inc., the matchmaking service between consumers and electronics that simplifies people’s relationship lifecycle with electronic products, today announced it has secured $8 million in a second round of institutional funding. This round was led by Alloy Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) and will be used for product development, partnership expansion and consumer marketing.  read more »