The Week In Woot

This week the folks over at woot.com get hopped up on caffeine, take an interest in health, and avenge their evil electric company (while keepin it green). Plus, they unearth the ultimate gamers MILF.

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Hi-Tech Haiku: Nokia N95


Next Big Cell Phone Thing

I first became aware of DVB-H at this year's CES show. It's a TV broadcast technology that uses UHF frequencies to beam video to your cell phone. That means the transmitter can just as easily be on the television mastsending out broadcasts of sports, news, or soap operas. The video quality I saw at CES was excellent and the standard includes power saving features to extend battery life. The latest announcementshave centered around the recent 3GSM show in Barcelona.  read more »


The DST Countdown Clock is Ticking

With only a few days leftuntil we spring ahead the clocks,the buzz meter is really starting to move. I've been reading a lot of the news and blog postings and they really run the gamut from mini-Y2K to "no big deal." ZDNet just posted something on how much money it's going to cost IT departments and compares that with how much we're going to save in energy costs. They come up with some figures that make it look like a loser for the conservation team.  read more »


Check Out Our DST Resource Page

We just posted an "everything you ever wanted to know about daylight saving time," page. The reason we think this is important is because there are a lot of devices all the way from enterprise servers to camcorders that are going to change time on the wrong date this year. Before you start complaining, just remember that getting the sun to set an hour later really doesoffer some real benefits. It saves energy because more people are outside and not using lights and appliances. It also cuts down on traffic accidents and even reduces crime. That said, it's s  read more »


Is Venture Debt Good for Startups?

There was a well-written article in Wall Street Journal today about venture debt and its virtues. You can read the article summary here. You need subscription to read the complete article. Besides the fact that the article started with Retrevo, Pui-Wing did a good job of presenting different viewpoints about the venture debt from entrepreneurs, venture capital investors and venture lender  read more »


Video Calls 101

As I mentioned earlier, my daughter is spending a semester abroad. What could a Dad want more than to be able to see his daughter as well as talk to her from oversees?  read more »


Cheapskate's Guide to International Calls

I just sent my daughter off to Florence, Italy for a semester abroad. Naturally, I wanted to connect with her the cheapest and best way possible. Fortunately she had a Motorola V551 which is a quad band phone required to handle European GSM frequencies. Unfortunately it needed to be unlocked before it could take an Italian SIM card. Cingular provided the unlock code for free, it just took a few days for them to get it from Motorola.  read more »


My First Post

Hello, My name is Andrew Eisner. I just joined the Retrevo team full time now that we have a little cash in the bank.  read more »


Some Trends in 2007 from CES!

It is very easy to get lost at CES when there are 2,700 exhibitors displaying 20,000 consumer electronics products. From the sentiment on the show floor, I gathered the following interesting trends:  read more »