Retrevolution is Here!

This morning we launched a brand new Retrevo (project name "Retrevolution"). This was a project we undertook in second half of last year, went through extensive consumer behavior analysis in the real-world, brainstorming, arguing, thinking about the information architecture, designing...throwing designs out the window...redoing them, prioritizing, sweating (don't think it was easy work :)) and focusing on the core pieces that would make electronics shopping simple and fun for the masses - that's you and me. We had made good p  read more »


Retrevo on TV News - Women Are Smarter - NBC11 Bay Area Scott Budman

Scott Budman from NBC11 News Bay Area does a story on Retrevo's
Gadgetology Study about how women's tech illitercy stereotype is not just
being challenged, but demolished!  Scott talks with Retrevo's VP of
Business Development Alka Gupta about the survey that shows women know
more about gadgets than men. The study also shows women aren't afraid
to ask and learn and admit when they don't know while men will speak in
acronyms and not really have a clue what they mean. Women will ask for
help while men avoid it. Scott thinks it's the same issue causing men
never to stop and ask for directions. Yup, I bet he's right. :-) 
Here's the news clip, enjoy! @retrevo_robb

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Retrevo's Alka Gupta appears on ABC View from the Bay TV show

Our VP of Business Development Alka Gupta appeared on the popular ABC
Bay Area afternoon show, View from the Bay with Spencer Christian and
Janelle Wang, showing off a few popular gadgets.

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New and Improved Product Advisor Released

Today we announced our second version to the Retrevo Product Advisor. You can see the press release here. This is a major update to both the user user experience as well as our product catalog back end processing. We've added user friendly quick lists and filtering options and we've also updated our product catalog and have been adding more products and categories in preparation of this holiday shopping season.   read more »


Retrevo Closes $8M Financing!

What's the big deal about closing another round of funding? So many companies have received funding over the last two years so that's not a reflection of the viability or success of a venture. In fact, Erick Schonfeld over at Techcrunch just posted a nice article on venture funding of new-age (web 2.0, web 3.0 whatever you want to call them) consumer internet companies. Wow, so many companies  read more »


The Best Part about Working at a Startup!

A little before mid-night on Nov 18, Retrevo launched its next big innovation. This innovation dramatically simplifies gadget (electronics) shopping for masses. You see, consumer electronics category is inundated with constant technological innovation, price changes and obsolescence. It is daunting to take the shopping journey even for the tech-savvy consumers. You don't know where to start and when you do manage to start the journey and zoom into a set of products that meet your brand and feature preference, you are never sure which product delivers a good bang for the buck.  read more »


Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?

A few weeks ago I was on a panel at Investor Business Forum when one of the venture investors attending the session asked "why is it that we see more entrepreneurs and even companies we fund founded by immigrant entrepreneurs"? I answered the question and it is not hard to understand why it is so. From 1513, when the Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon discovered Florida to French and German emigration in mid 19th century to emigration of Russians in late 19th century, Italians in early 20th century and Asians in mid 20th century, America has been the land of opportunity that has attracted talent, labor and intellectual capital from all over the world. And I would argue this has been the major driver behind the growth that has made America the super-power it is today.  read more »