Video of the Week: Graduation Special Inspirational Video

Time to bring out this inspirational video just in time for the latest wave of graduates.  read more »


Video of the Week: Terrefugia's Latest Flying Car

The flying car could be just around the corner, that is, in 2020. This one from Terrafugia looks like it could have the right features from vertical take-off to a 500 mile range.  read more »


Complete guide to trouble-free computing

It's a dangerous world out there in cyberspace although often you can be you own biggest threat to your data. Here are some tips on how to enjoy more trouble-free computing.  read more »


Video of the Week: iPhone 6 Concept Video

Rumors are starting to appear on what an iPhone 6 might look like. We hear there might be a capacitive touch area below the display that could be used for a home button or other things.  read more »


15 Cool Bluetooth Gadgets

Since Bluetooth 4.0 was released there are a bunch of new gadgets that take advantage of its low energy feature. Here are some Bluetooth 4.0 gadgets we like along with some other cool Bluetooth gadgets.  read more »


Video of the Week: How to Do Hadouken Photography

Creating street fighting levitation photographs is easier than you think. Here’s a video with some pointers on how to do it.  read more »


Latest Phablet News and Rumors

Phablets are a cross between a smartphone and a tablet and they’re the hot new gadgets. Here’s the latest info on what’s here and what’s coming to market.  read more »


Video of the Week: Augmented Reality From MIT Media Lab

With all the attention going to Google Glass here’s a related application that overlays information on a “real” image.  read more »


What’s Wrong With Google Glass?

We’ve seen a lot of references to Apple’s Newton and the Segway in relation to Google Glass. Here’s why we think it’s an unfair comparison  read more »


Mother’s Day 2013 Special Report: Parenting and Social Media

In honor of Mother's Day, Retrevo Gadgetology looks at parenting and social media and discovers some interesting trends.  read more »