How to Get the Most Out of Your HDTV Audio

Maybe you just bought your first HDTV set and are very impressed with the quality of the picture but did you know you may be missing out on a big part of the experience by not adding a good sound system? Home theaters don’t necessarily  read more »


Seven Speaker Placement Tips

Getting your home theater system to work with the acoustical characteristics of your room can be a difficult challenge. Here are some tips on getting more out of the speakers in your  read more »


This Week in Gadgets

It looks like the best of both worlds; a power thrifty, high performance dual core Intel Atom processor paired with a high performance, second generation, Nvidia ION 2 GPU in a lightweight netbook. The Intel z550 dual core Atom chip is part of the  read more »


Six Unintended Uses for the New Nano

Sure the new iPod Nano can play music and let you share pictures, but why stop there? Upon seeing Steve's inspiring presentation, we, at Retrevo.com were inspired, (if not driven) to find fun new ways to incorporate this essential device into the lives of people (and pets) everywhere.  read more »


Six Reasons Why the Apple TV Missed the Mark

Okay, before we get accused of being haters let us first say there were a lot of cool things introduced at the Sept 1st event in San Francisco like high dynamic range photographs, Ping which will add a nice social dimension to iTunes  read more »


No Lines at Apple Stores for These New Products

Steve Jobs took the stage once again at what is traditionally been an iPod show and sure enough, showed off some new iPods. Although there were plenty of cool new Apple products, we don't think any of them will require buyers to  read more »


iPhone Shortcuts and Tips You Should Know About

You don't have to be a power user to appreciate time-saving shortcuts for your iPhone. Although we're sure some of you may already be familiar with a lot of these, here's a collection of some of the ones we like and think everyone should know  read more »


Android Shortcuts and Tips You Should Know About

The iPhone isn't the only phone that has some time-saving shortcuts. Even though we're sure some of you may already be familiar with a lot of them we've assembled a collection of some Android shortcuts we like and think everyone should  read more »


Hands-on With the Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Player

As we mentioned in our last Gadget News section, three of us at Retrevo all bought the new Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray player. For a connected, 3D compatible Blu-ray player that can be purchased for under $200 this one appears to be a very good buy at the moment. So far my experience with this player has been  read more »


Battle Looming for TV OS

Everyone loves apps! A library of 225,000 iPhone/iPad apps and 5 billion downloads are impressive numbers for such a young platform and confirm the fast growing interest in apps-based computing. Not only can apps  read more »