Six Easy Ways to Get More Out of Your HDTV Set

Whether you just bought a new set or have had one for a while, here are some tips for making your HDTV set look (and sound) better.  read more »


How to Eat Your Own Chocolate Brain

As if there weren’t better things to spend your time on, here’s an interesting video involving a brain scan, a 3D printer and chocolate.  read more »


LG Optimus Projection Mapping Event

Projection mapping has been around for a couple of years. It involves manipulating an image of something like a building as it is projected on that building. Here’s a great example.  read more »


CES 2013, What to Expect

Despite Microsoft's absence this year, CES 2013 should be bigger and better than ever. We'll be looking for super high resolution displays, a new look for Samsung and lots more cool stuff in Las Vegas next month.  read more »


Video of the Week: Happy Holidays from the Retrevo Gang!

In case you don’t have one of these houses with the wacky Christmas lights in your neighborhood, here’s a video of one.  read more »


Reasons You Still Want a 3DTV

Prices have come down on 3DTVs and there’s lots of good stuff to watch right now and more 3D movies and games on the way.  read more »


Video of the Week: Graphene Supercapacitor

Will these power sources power your gadgets and the electric cars of the future?  read more »


Windows 8 Just Takes Some Getting Used To

Although we're the first ones to admit that Windows 8 can be a bit challenging, we think it's getting an unfair treatment from critics.  read more »


Video of the Week: Further Up Yonder

In the spirit of the holidays, here’s a message from the International Space Station along with some amazing high resolution images from space.  read more »


This 3D Printer Broke a Kickstarter Funding Record

3D printers are a fast emerging product category that will change the way a lot of people do things. This one looks very promising.  read more »